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My First Experience Episode 5

My First Experience Episode 5 My First Experience As Jane spoke with her mother, she told her everything. There was silence at the other end of the line. Her mother couldn’t say any word, she had an emotionally melt down. “Mum are you still there? say something please ” she pleaded. Jane why didn’t you […]

My First Experience Episode 4

My First Experience Episode 4 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE Jane’s virginity came as a shock to Mike. He never believed that a lady of that age would still be a virgin. He immediately withdrew himself from her body and stared at her with a mixed feeling. He can’t say if he was excited or shocked. “Are […]

My First Experience Episode 3

My First Experience Episode 3 My First Experience Jane wasn’t expecting to hear this from Mike. Mike’s words gave her goosebumps and she couldn’t say anything for more than 3 minutes. This was the first time a guy have ever spoken such words to her. No guy have ever outrightly confessed love to Jane. She […]

My First Experience Episode 2

My First Experience Episode 2 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE All through the remaining hours of the day, Mike couldn’t get his mind off Jane. He had so many questions in his mind concerning the girl he helped yesterday. He was lost in thoughts as he kept thinking of his earlier conversation with Jane to the point […]

My First Experience

My First Experience episode 1 18+ My first experience Jane was a gorgeous young girl from a serious Christian family. From her childhood, her lifestyle was perfect. People loved her. Her dressings, speech, and everything. The most respectable part of her life is, she didn’t fake anything. She was an angel and maintained her virginity […]

University Student Lifestyle

University Student Lifestyle

Lifestyle in University. Sexual urge among youths. Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practicing ‘wife characters’. Just visit the boys’ hostel and you will be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to live with a male course mate. It is now common for her lover to give […]

Power of Love

Power of Love A young woman saw three old men in front of her house looking hungry. I don’t know you, but I will provide food that you will eat, she told them. The men asked, Is your husband home? She said no. The men told her that they can’t come in. When he gets […]

Trapped Episode 4

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Part 4 Trapped. On a Thursday morning, Eric got up and found Amanda right beside him sleeping. He was shocked. Is it a dream or reality? Amanda??? Is that you?  Where have you been all this while? He asked with tears in his eyes.   Amanda: Something serious came up. It was very important. […]

True Life Story 1

Life Story 1

True Life Story 1 How would you judge this case?? True Life Story In West Africa Nigeria, Lagos. A young man called Tunde was born into a Christian family, with a strong Christian background. He was tall, good looking and intelligent. His dream was to become a medical doctor. From his young age, he have […]

Agony Episode 2

AGONY Episode 2

Agony Episode 2 Agony One thing about Bright is, he didn’t hide his identity. The same day he arrived King’s college, he started preaching the gospel to his roommate and everyone he comes in contact with. He wasn’t the only Christian in campus, but he wasn’t like the other Christians who hid their identity. His […]

Trapped Episode 3

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Episode 3 Trapped Their relationship was soo perfect, every one around them envied them. Amanda was perfect in everything, even in s3x, she was the best. One monday morning, Eric got up and was unable to find Amanda. Maybe she went to the market, he said. Till the next day, no one knew where […]

AGONY Episode 1

AGONY Episode 2

AGONY Episode 1 Through the power of the Most High God, the dead were raised, the blind saw, the sick received healings. God is good and he works wonder through men. This was the testimony of a brother. His name is Bright. Bright is a young man with strong zeal to serve God. Since his […]

Trapped Episode 2

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Episode 2 Since girls of these days prefer guys who have have much money, I will pretend like I have nothing. Eric decided not to buy food stuffs. But his plan didn’t work, because Amanda filled the house with foodstuffs. Eric: Where did you get all these money to buy food? You don’t work, […]