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How To Have Peace From God

How To Have Peace From God One of the greatest thing you can obtain in life is peace. Wealth, fame and every pleasure of life is good but when you lack inner peace, these things will not matter. Most times, people think they can’t obtain peace or forgiveness from God. God is LOVE. And is […]

Rooted in Christ

Rooted in Christ Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the son of the living God is the heir of the All. You have to stay rooted in Christ. Bible Reading Obidiah 1:17 Romans 4: 14 Galatians 3:29 Hebrews 9:16~17 Mount Sinai represents the law. If any soul touches it, it will die. God the father, condemned sin in […]

Understanding The Wonders Of Thanksgiving

Understanding the wonders of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving preserves, and multiply our blessings. Through Thanksgiving, we open doors to breakthrough unlimited. Bible Reading Psalm 23 vs 3. Thanksgiving progress to praise and praise commands God’s presence and His presence brings supernatural turnaround. Psalm 24 vs 7~10. In the kingdom of God Thanksgiving doesn’t only stop in appreciation.. […]

Bullying Victim Story

Bullying Victim Story A story of a little girl. “When I die, I don’t have to think, I don’t need to be hurt. And I think I can give my mother the freedom to live the way she wants because of me”. So many young people, especially middle, high and college students are passing through […]

Tony Elumelu Foundation Message

Tony Elumelu Foundation Message The Circle Tony Elemule Foundation message for the month Dear , Now into the second quarter of 2021, much is being said about solidifying plans for the rest of the year. We remain awed by the unprecedented ways African entrepreneurs have adapted to our new normal — both in scope and scale — to help sustain lives […]

One Way I Landed My First Online Client

One Way I Landed My First Online Client Recently I was consulting a client on how he can convert high-quality prospects at his price and kick-away. Especially the client who collects five different quotations. And at the end, shamelessly teases you on the lowest one and taunts to negotiate you down. My suggestion… Have a […]

Deforestation: Government Must Take Pollution Serious

Deforestation: Government Must Take Pollution Serious Save the earth Factors affecting not only Nigeria but the global environment are air pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, climate change and global warming. When it comes to Nigeria, the biggest threat to the nation’s environment is overpopulation and deforestation. Deforestation have caused flooding, desertification, and erosion that bedevil various parts […]

Power of Love

Power of Love A young woman saw three old men in front of her house looking hungry. I don’t know you, but I will provide food that you will eat, she told them. The men asked, Is your husband home? She said no. The men told her that they can’t come in. When he gets […]

Brainjotter Biography

Brainjotter Biography, Net worth, Real Name and Age

Brainjotter Biography Chukwuemeka Amuzie popularly known as Brainjotter is a stand up comedian, an actor and content creator. He is an Igbo man, Nigeria. Brainjotter started his comedy so many years ago. But gain his popularity on instagram when he started his “I don’t care and #no stress” attitude. Educational Background: He lived in Ghana […]

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2 The Blue House Lisa forgot that this child who suddenly became a man looks exactly the person who brought them to this villa. That same day, the man went out. Lisa followed him secretly to see where he goes. To her surprise, the young man disappeared. David who have been […]

Why I Fired My Boss

Why I Fired My Boss Alright, beautiful people, the title of this post may seem a little different from this article, but it’s the same thing. I’m looking for a bit of advice, but I’m also having a little bit of a rant. Who’s had experience firing bad boss/client as a freelancer or a worker. […]

Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl The gospel musicians were doing what they were paid for. Leading in praises and worships. As the congregation was worshipping God, Pastor Mike picked up the Mic. He was one of the guest pastors of the program Keyboardist play me “Strings” on F# he said. Started singing Great are you Lord […]