Article For a Broken Person and Someone who needs to Step up

Article For a Broken Person and Someone who needs to Step up

“Read this article when you feel broken”

Article For a Broken Person and Someone who needs to Step up

These challenges that you face, they are going to do their best to take you down. Do not let them. Stand up, dig in, line up those problems and confront them, face them, fight them. Do not let them bring you down. In fact let those challenges raise you up, let them elevate you. Let their demands and their trials make you stronger. Let the adversity you face today turn you into a better person tomorrow.

What they do not understand is that even when you are expecting something good to happen, it costs you something. And when you keep wanting something, it keeps evading you. If you are not careful, it will weigh you down. To wait for something, anticipating it and it does not happen costs you more than somebody who wants nothing. That is why we have so many people who fall into the abyss of wanting absolutely nothing because sometimes it is easier not to want anything than it is to want it and not get it.

Some people find it easier to just give up and lay dead and just let things happen the way they happen. They are perpetually and inevitably victims of circumstances, they have allowed themselves to be tight-hands into a perpetual row of nothingness. I may not have it but I want it, I may not be there but I want to, it may not be in my hands but I am matching after it, I may not have apprehended but I am in the process, I may not climb the mountain but I will get dirt in between my fingernails because I will never lay there and accept where I came from to be where I am going.

I will break you before you break me, you will not defeat me, you will not destroy me. Some of usP are so ignorant, You have been through so much and you want to quit now? You should have quit ten years ago, you should have quit ten years ago when he walked out on you! You should have quit then. You do not quit now, this is temporary. You got two more to go. And when you get to success, it is not about skill, it is about stepping up!

Updated: April 13, 2023 — 3:09 am

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