Sad Story: Tears Of A Widow[Cry For Help]

Sad Story: Tears Of A Widow[Cry For Help]

I couldn’t sleep last night after I met her on the street helplessly feeding from the rotten foods she picked from the dustbin. What got me so emotional was her innocent young son named James.

They obviously have no roof over their heads or a helper; the waste bin is their means of survival with maybe the little things they could get from good Samaritans out of pity.

I feel for her a lot and I’ve since then been praying for God to send her a helper.
She has cancer of the breast which has grown into a tumor, isn’t it sad? Her name is Fabix. I wish I can help her out in this horrible situation, I wish God will just send her a helper, at least for the sake of her little James.


I couldn’t even look at them for long because I became so emotional. When you round the globe, you will find out that there are other widows suffering same or even more,
they have no one to help them, they have no job or handiworks to enable them raise money and even if they do have a skill, there is no empowerment anywhere.

To remedy this, I think there should be an international law which will make provision for widows who are not well to do. This law in view should give the widows the opportunity to access medical treatments at little or no cost at all, it should also make a provision for them to learn trade and become independent.

Back to the context, I plan taking her to the hospital and solicit for money from the general public maybe through the various social media handles at least for her treatment first.

Your help please.

Please don’t forget to indicate reason for support

Thanks for reading. Please support.

Account Number: 211 838 5165

Bank: UBA Bank Nigeria

Name: Onwerenmadu Christian Chigozie.


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Updated: August 31, 2021 — 2:38 pm

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