5 Signs You Are Dating a Toxic Person

5 Signs You Are Dating a Toxic Person

5 Signs You Are Dating a Toxic Person

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When you first meet someone, everything seems bright and cheerful. However, as time goes on, you might start to notice things about this person that are a little concerning. Did she just snap at you for no reason? Did he leave his mess when he visited? Are these little things adding up to one big red flag? If so, then your partner may be toxic. A toxic person is someone who brings you down instead of lifting you up. They are the kind of person that uses manipulation and tricks as a way to control their victim or satisfy whatever agenda they have in mind. It can be confusing to spot these people because they tend to put on the best face when meeting new people. They will often appear charming, friendly, and trustworthy; however, this is just a facade that hides their real intentions. Read on to discover five signs that signal if your partner might be toxic.

They Are Incredibly Jealous

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, so when your partner is insanely jealous and possessive, it is a red flag that you are dating a toxic person. If you have a work event and your partner is insanely jealous that you are talking to other people or if you have a friend who is male, your partner might be toxic. If your partner is jealous and possessive, they might also be insecure about their own relationship with you. This insecurity can lead them to attempt to control you by keeping you in a cage of their making. A toxic person will want to know where you are at all times, who you are talking to, and what you are doing. Often times, they will overreact to normal, everyday activities and use them as an excuse to control your life more and more.

They Are Dishonest

Dishonesty is a sign of a toxic person. This can manifest as lying, not keeping promises, or even just being shady in general. If you have a partner who is dishonest with you, you will likely find that this is a consistent behavior. A toxic person will be dishonest with you and anyone they come in contact with. There is also a good chance they will lie to themselves. For example, they may be deluding themselves into thinking that they are trustworthy even though they engage in this behavior frequently. A toxic person will lie about things big and small. They could tell you that they graduated from a certain school even though they did not. They could also promise you something and not deliver. Lying is a way of controlling a situation and avoiding taking responsibility for their actions. If your partner has a pattern of dishonesty, then they are likely toxic.

They Are Manipulative

A toxic person will try to manipulate you. They will use psychological tricks to get you to do what they want. A toxic person will sometimes be charming and friendly, but this is often a mask for their true intentions. A toxic partner will often manipulate you with guilt, shame, and flattery. If your partner has a way of making you feel bad about yourself and then offering a way out that involves them, they are being manipulative. This can include things like saying, “I’m not sure if you are good enough for me to continue seeing you, but I really like you.” Manipulation is a sign of a toxic person because it is a way to control you and get what they want without being upfront about it.

They Have a Thick Skin

Toxic people often have a thick skin against criticism. They don’t care if they hurt people’s feelings or step on toes. They don’t apologize when they should. Being thick-skinned towards criticism and feelings is a sign that your partner is not healthy. It is a sign that your partner does not care about the feelings of others and is not willing to change their ways. A toxic person may claim that they are “realistic” and that everyone has a “thick skin” but this is a defense mechanism for their true feelings. A person who is mature and caring will have a thin skin when it comes to hurting someone’s feelings. They will care if they have hurt you and will want to change their ways. A toxic person will not.

You Feel Bad About Yourself After Being Around Them

If you feel bad about yourself when you are around your partner, they might be toxic. A toxic person will often put you down, especially in front of other people. They will put you down in a way that makes you feel stupid and like you don’t deserve better. When you are around a toxic person, you feel like you cannot do anything right. You feel inferior to them, even though they are not superior to you in any way. You feel like you need to walk on eggshells and never speak your mind because you are always wrong. If your partner constantly puts you down, makes you feel stupid, and makes you feel like you don’t belong, then you are with a toxic person.


A toxic partner is like a disease that will slowly sneak its way into your life and start to rot you from the inside out. They will suck the joy out of your life and turn this beautiful relationship into a nightmare. You don’t have to stick around for this nightmare to consume your life. If you recognize any of these signs in your relationship, it may be time to walk away from this toxic person. You deserve better than to be with someone who brings you down and makes you feel bad about yourself. You deserve to be with someone who lifts you up and makes you feel good about yourself.



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