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My First Experience

My First Experience episode 1 18+ My first experience Jane was a gorgeous young girl from a serious Christian family. From her childhood, her lifestyle was perfect. People loved her. Her dressings, speech, and everything. The most respectable part of her life is, she didn’t fake anything. She was an angel and maintained her virginity […]

Trapped Episode 4

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Part 4 Trapped. On a Thursday morning, Eric got up and found Amanda right beside him sleeping. He was shocked. Is it a dream or reality? Amanda??? Is that you?  Where have you been all this while? He asked with tears in his eyes.   Amanda: Something serious came up. It was very important. […]

Thoughts Of Men

Thoughts Of Men A poor man always think the rich made his wealth out of luck or through corruption and crimes. And the rich man thinks the poor is penurious because he is lazy and lacks vision. A young lady who got married at an early age sometimes think ladies who find it difficult to […]