I don’t Know how to ask my Boyfriend to Leave My House

I don’t Know how to ask my Boyfriend to Leave My House

My friend and I have been working so hard to get a 3 bedroom apartment together for
convenience sake. What we wanted was a girls’ apartment where we will have the freedom to dress
skimpy in shared spaces.


But, few days before we moved in, my friend asked if she could allow her boyfriend to move in with us in her room; I declined nicely considering our initially agreement before going for the apartment.

So, we moved in and she arrived with her boyfriend; our thought was that he was just going to stay with
us for a while pending when he gets his own apartment, but it’s been 2 months already and this dude is not making any effort at all to get himself an apartment despite signing up for classes and arranging for job interviews in our city.

Few nights ago he came asking me if he can bring his friend to live here with us and I bluntly told him “No”.

Because I’m not comfortable with his presence, talk more of bringing an extra person. Plus it is not what we agreed on before getting the apartment.

He really felt bad that night and almost broke up with my friend (her girlfriend), but the next morning
they got back together and I told my friend that her boyfriend can only spend the next 1 week here with us. And we can’t have a 4th person in the flat too.


She accepted he will leave within 1 week and possibly live in his car if he is unable to get an apartment
before that time. 2 weeks is gone already and he still sleeps in our house; now what he does is come
home very late, walk inside to sleep immediately then leaves the house very early in the morning. The
annoying thing is that my friend made me believe he sleeps in his car, but all his things are still here. He
doesn’t even talk to me anymore in a house we paid for?

The truth is I don’t want to destroy my friendship with my friend who happens to have a toxic boyfriend.
How can I kindly and politely express how upset and disrespected I feel and what I want her to do
without having her attack or hate me? I am feeling so uncomfortable in my own house, at least it’s a
new apartment we should still be enjoying the new space and not settling issues.

Updated: November 28, 2021 — 3:45 pm

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