Letter To Nigerian Presidential Candidates and Nigerian Youths

Letter To Nigerian Presidential Candidates and Nigerian Youths

Nigeria is a blessed nation by God. A nation filled with natural resources, different tribes, languages, intellectual people, and man power.

But currently, the same country mentioned above is one of the poorest countries in the whole world. In 2022, it’s the 10th poorest country. What’s the problem of Nigeria?

In 2023, the nation will hold her election. There have been different presidential candidates from the major tribes. The Igbos, hausas, and Yorubas.

The Yorubas and Hausas have ruled and governed the nation since democracy. Some of them have done well, while some of the presidents have reduced the nation to nothing.

Most people said that the northerners don’t care if the nation is moving forward or not; their main ambition is to always and forever stay on power. This can create war, killings and destruction of properties.

How can Nigeria be liberated and saved from this meritocratic mentality?

One of the ways for a better nation next year is through your vote and the social media. This can only be achieved when we come together as youths in unity to decide who will rule over us. For the past 8years, 100s, even 1000s of lifes have been lost due to current government.

Lives lost at end Sars protest, kidnapping, bandits, terrorist, Boko Haram, ritual, sicknesses and predicaments. An average Nigerian can’t eat 2 square meal a day. No job, no security, nothing at all works in the state. People keep dying every minute due to starvation and poor health facilities.


This will continue if the same kind of people keeps running the government.

This blog post isn’t campaigning for anyone but we have to be wise. Check other countries. Nations of the world that have nothing, no natural resources, no intellectual people, etc.

Compare them with Nigeria, and you will understand that Nigeria is a million time behind. Why?


Remember,  goats led by a lion will destroy lions led by a goat. Vote for a better nation. For the sake of your unborn children.


Updated: July 8, 2022 — 7:36 pm

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