[Bill Gates] Reasons My Child Won’t Marry A Poor Person

[Bill Gates] Reasons My Child Won’t Marry A Poor Person

[Bill Gates] Reasons My Child Won't Marry A Poor Person

Bill Gates, the Micro software guy explains why his daughter can’t marry a man that is financially unstable.


Some years ago,  a conference was held in US on investment and finance.

Then, one of the speakers was Bill Gates(former richest man on earth) and during the question and answer phase.

A question was thrown to him.

The question seems funny and it made everyone in the room laughed. This was the question;
Since he was the richest man, can he allow his daughter to get married to a poor man? Since love is the most important factor not money here.

Bill Gate’s reply

One thing you have to understand is that wealth doesn’t mean having a fat bank account. Wealth is primarily the ability to create wealth. Especially, wherever you find yourself.

For instance: Someone who wins the lottery or gambling. Even if he wins 100 million US dollar is not a rich man: He is a poor man with a lot of money. That’s the reason why 90% of the lottery millionaires become financially unstable within few years.

There are also rich people with no cash with them.

For instance, most entrepreneurs. There are people who have studied and improved their financial intelligence but currently have no money. These people are on their way to wealth.


Difference between the rich and the poor

To simply break it down, a rich man may die to become rich, while the poor man may kill to become rich.


Any man, who keeps learning, improving himself and trying to get better in his skill constantly is rich. No matter how slow he may be in life or even if he have no money in his bank account.


A young man that constantly blames his state, nation, others and himself. Thinking that the rich are all criminals, such person is poor.

The rich are convinced that they just need information and training to take off, the poor think that others must give them money to take off.

In conclusion, I believe you now understand how I see the rich and the poor. The only way to create wealth is constant learning and keep trying daily.

The learning pattern here is totally different from the way you learn in schools and universities.

Anyone who kills(other people, destiny,  other people’s talent, cheat and lie) to make money is poor.


This is a popular story:

One day, the guard of a bank found a bag full of money, he took the bag and went to give it to the bank manager.
People called this man an idiot, but in reality this man was just a rich man who had no money.

One year later, the bank offered him a job as a receptionist, 3 years later he was a customer manager and 10 years later he manages the regional management of this bank, he manages hundreds of employees and his annual bonus exceeds the amount he could have stolen.

Wealth is first of all a state of mind my friend. Most people don’t believe this but it’s the truth. Getting married to a rich person won’t make you rich. It only leaves money in your bank account. If you loose that man, you become poor again.


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