I Am Pregnant For My Blood Brother — Lady Reveals

Ghanaian lady is in a confusing state and has been asking for solutions to her problem


Sharing her problem on Auntie Odo page, the young lady said she’s pregnant with her father’s son. She didn’t give many details about the boyfriend, who turned out to be her brother.

According to her, that episode will be told on a different day. Her major concern is the baby she’s carrying. She’s asking whether to abort the child or give birth.

Hello Auntie Odo, good morning. l am going crazy right now. I just found out that the man l am pregnant for is my blood brother. I would prefer not to go into the details of how he happens to be my brother for now because that is a confusing episode of it’s own.

Auntie Odo, my main concern right now is the baby I am carrying. Is it an abomination? Should I abort it or keep it? What should I do please?

Updated: November 29, 2021 — 8:48 am

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