Three Hidden Dangers of Procrastination and Step to Cure Procrastination

Three Hidden Dangers of Procrastination and Step to Cure Procrastination

Three Hidden Dangers of Procrastination and Step to Cure Procrastination

Face it, we all procrastinate at some point. The reason we procrastinate varies from person to person, yet procrastination could steal a person’s dream and destroy his life. Procrastination is linked to losing dreams and goals we could have achieved. It naturally steals time, hence, the reason it is called the “thief of time”. Most may procrastinate because they are not motivated to work and some may do so because they are not fulfilled with their work.

Clarity, structures, priorities etcetera also may induce procrastination but procrastination steals far more from you than it adds to you. The few moments of joy and pleasure enjoyed from procrastination is often replaced with hours, months, days and usually years of regrets later.

Procrastination, the attitude of intentionally putting off something you should do, may be one of the most dangerous habits against success but it leaves more regrettable aftermaths in its wake. Now that you are still in your twenties, you are in good times to fight to overcome your procrastination habits. The longer you allow it to stay, the more it steals your dream. But if you deal with your procrastinating habits now that you are in your twenties, you give yourself a chance to succeed early and even retire early in life. Is that not an ideal choice?

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you three(3) hidden dangers of procrastination and how to overcome them.
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Here are three hidden dangers of procrastination and how you can avoid procrastination:


When you keep promising things you would never do, you could destroy your reputation, thus making it difficult for you to get promoted or gain more business opportunities. When you procrastinate once, you are almost likely to procrastinate again. If that happens too often, you may lose your integrity and forfeit your chance to be dependable. Once you are in danger of being reputed as untrustworthy, you would continue to slide down the ladder of success and may not be able to climb back up.
Procrastination, when it becomes a habit could endanger your ability to stretch yourself thin to become all that you would really like to become. You could look back years later and find out how you blew up opportunities in your twenties or thirties, opportunities you could have used to build up your life for success.

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Procrastination leads to stress, anxiety and depression. When you chronically put off what you should be doing, you are silently demotivated to do the work again. When what you should have done remains undone, it makes you anxious and could make you stressed. This could in turn affect other areas of your life and often it leads to depression and low self esteem; including making poor decisions in life. Stress has been linked to various debilitating health conditions and procrastination heightens your chances of undue stress and anxiety. The more you ignore what you should be doing, the more likely you are to keep yielding to stress and anxiety and the more endangered your health becomes. Know that procrastination like any habit may be tough to break but if you deal with it early and start to do what needs to be done, you will be fulfilled, joyful and more relaxed every time. The less you are more susceptible to stress, the more productive and lively you become.


The more you procrastinate, the less powerful and motivated you are to take actions. The more you will keep waiting for good things to happen to you by chance and the longer you will keep waiting because good things do not happen by chance; and the more you keep waiting for good things to happen to you without your reconciled efforts, the more prone you are to failures, worries, depression and a life of abject discomfort.

Procrastination makes you wish you can turn back the hands of time so you can rectify past mistakes to straighten out your present and future.
Procrastination removes from you all that you could have become and achieved in your life and it is not a foe you should keep any closer.


A thousand and one articles have been written about procrastination. In my few years of struggling with this habit, I have had to use a couple of those tricks too often, yet I keep sliding back into the holes of procrastination again and again. Until I discovered I could play a mind trick called “the scare game”. I played the scare game almost everyday. This is the game where I force myself to do what I am afraid to do or what I desire to put off.
I work on a project I would instead put off,
I call a friend I would rather not call,
I write a chapter of a book i prefer to ignore,
I try a new writing form I have been too scared to try.
I do these these little things everyday that I am readily scared to do and I Watch my confidence and readiness to overcome procrastination grow. You can do it too!
You do not have to start on big projects that discourage you so quickly; you can start today to use “the scare game” to challenge yourself.
Work on something you’ve been putting off for an hour or less everyday. Better you touch it for an hour daily or a specific day, then push it off completely. Do everyday what you’re scared to do even if it is a few minutes on a project you have long abandoned but has huge future rewards.

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Besides the countless tips on overcoming procrastination, this is one tip I know has worked for me.
Procrastination is the thief of time, energy, goals and dreams. Nipped in the bud early now that you are in your twenties, you will watch your life soar up the ladder of success. Anybody can overcome procrastination no matter how difficult. Play a mind trick and do what you would not dare do. Please, do it now!

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