Trapped Episode 2

Trapped Episode 2

TRAPPED Episode 2

Since girls of these days prefer guys who have have much money, I will pretend like I have nothing.
Eric decided not to buy food stuffs. But his plan didn’t work, because Amanda filled the house with foodstuffs.

Eric: Where did you get all these money to buy food? You don’t work, you don’t speak with anyone, how come?
This is 2 months since you moved into my house, when are you leaving?

Amanda: (Amanda smiled saying nothing).

How will I make her leave my house? He asked himself again.
But come to think of it, I think she’s from a wealthy home. Who gave her money to buy food stuff? Among all the boys out there, why did she choose me?

And the worst part of it is, he started having feelings for her.
But I’m still a young guy, he said to himself. I’ve never loved any girl, what I do is to use and dump them.
Amanda is a girl with strange character and behavior. How can I love a her? Because of her, no friend,bestie or girl comes close to me. I’m not ready to settle down.

Before now, Eric have tried somany ways to send Amanda out from his house and life.

The first thing he did was to convince a pregnant lady to act like the mother of his unborn child.

This was how it happened.

Pregnant lady: (speaking to Amanda). Eric is responsible for this pregnancy and I’m moving into this house now. I won’t share my home with any woman – {the pregnant lady spoke angrily}.

Amanda: I have no problem with you and your child. You are welcomed to stay. Feel free and relax. Let me prepare special meal for you.

{Amanda spoke calmly. This made the pregnat lady scared. She refused to stay because she don’t know if she will be poisoned}.

Eric also hired men to throw his things out from his house. He told Amanda that that he couldn’t pay his house rent.
To his greatest surprise, Amanda called his landlord and confirmed that the landlord know nothing about the quit notice.
How did you get my landlord’s phone number he asked

He tried different things to send Amanda out from his house but none worked.




On a sunday morning, Eric wanted to leave his house to meet some friends but Amanda told him not to go. But he insisted and left the house. Finally he met his friend. His friends told him that they are going on a trip and they want him to drive them to their destination. Not knowing it was robbery.
During the robbery, they had an open fire with the police, and Eric was arrested. After 4 days in the police station, no friends came, no family called, although Eric is an orphan.

Amanda bailed him.

Eric: I’ve been mistreating you since we, why did you bail me?
You were the last person I expected to help me. Thank you so much

Amanda: (with anger, she replied) if only you listened to me, you couldn’t have ended up in police station.

From that day Eric failed deeply in love with Amanda. She was his world. The lived like couples.

What will be the outcome of this relationship? Remember Eric knows nothing about Amanda background, family or where she came from. Who is she?

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