AGONY Episode 1

AGONY Episode 1


Through the power of the Most High God, the dead were raised, the blind saw, the sick received healings. God is good and he works wonder through men. This was the testimony of a brother. His name is Bright.

Bright is a young man with strong zeal to serve God. Since his parents are pastor, he wanted to be like them in the service of God’s vineyard. At 12 years, he started his evangelical work. He preached the gospel, pray for others and love God with all his heart. God used him mightily. Powers from the dark world was afraid of him and the church loved him.

9 years later

Bright: (with excitement) Daddy, mom

Grace: (Bright’s mother) What is it my son? What happened

Bright: Mom, our faithful God have done it again. I got admission to study International Relationships in king’s College London with full scholarship. I am soo excited mom(While he was still rejoicing, his father walked in. And heard the news too.)

Elijah: (Bright’s father) God be praised. I know you are a gift God sent to me, to wipe my tears. I am soo proud of you son.

Grace : I’m so proud of you son. This calls for a celebration. Before you leave for school, we will hold a little party. You have always been a blessing to us young pastor, God bless you. His mother said.

{ Pastor Elijah and Grace had no child after 10 years of marriage. After 10 years of barrenness Bright was born.}


2 weeks later, Bright left for school.

Before he traveled, his parents called and advised him with words of wisdom;

Elijah: My son, with the energy and grace place upon me from God to be your father and pastor, I have raised you in God’s way. I’m soo grateful to see you are following the right path.
The truth is, you are now an adult and you will start your studies soon. Follow the directions I have shown you and don’t allow anyone to deceive you.
Focus on your studies and God alone. Remember, the bible says evil communicate corrupts good manner. We will keep praying for you, God be with you son. London is a distant country, we won’t be there to guide you. But remember, God is always there.

Grace: Bright, your father have said it all. You know that you are our only child. The most important thing is to remember where you came from. Remember that your father is Jehovah. Hold him tight, he will never fail you.

{The counseling went on for more than 2 hours and Bright listened attentively. After everything, the prayed}


Immediately Bright arrived London, the school showed him his hostel and everything he needs to know.
But there was a problem. The way of life there, is totally different from what his parents taught him. How they dress, speak, their character and everything.

With the zeal he have for Christ, he chose to be alone because he tried convincing his course mate but no one listened to him. Because of his zeal, they nicknamed him “Pastor”

You know what they say: if you can’t beat them, you join them. Will Bright join them? What is his fate for the next 4 years?

AGONY Episode 2


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