Trapped Episode 3

Trapped Episode 3

TRAPPED Episode 3


Their relationship was soo perfect, every one around them envied them. Amanda was perfect in everything, even in s3x, she was the best.

One monday morning, Eric got up and was unable to find Amanda. Maybe she went to the market, he said.

Till the next day, no one knew where Amanda was. Her number was switched off, none of the neighbors knew where she went.

It became a big challenge to Eric because they have been staying like couples for 2 years, and Amanda have never visited anyone.

Least I forget, Eric life have changed since he met Amanda. He became more responsible, got a well paying job of $10k a month. His life totally changed in this short period of time.
Now Amanda is no where to be found, what will be Eric’s fate?

The young man was soo worried. Is now a week and she haven’t returned. He reported to the police, the media and anti kidnapping squad. None was able to find her.

He promised to pay $3k to anyone who can help him find Amanda.

The sudden disappearance of Amanda affected him alot, even in his working place.

Amanda never leaves the house without informing me. Is she dead? Even if she is dead, I want to see her body, he said.

He was soo worried that he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t focus on anything and he couldn’t sleep.

For one month, no one found her. Within that one month, Eric’s life was soo miserable. His friends introduced him to different girls, but he wasn’t interested in any of the girls because he was deeply in love with Amanda.


Eric: Amanda, my sweetheart, my love, where have you been? You left the house without saying anything to anyone.
Since you left, my life haven’t remained the same.
What happened? Why did you leave me?

Amanda: My love it wasn’t what you think, I missed you more. But I got a message from my family and it was very urgent. I had no choice but to leave.

Eric: Your family??  You haven’t spoke of your family to me before. You could have left a message he said. I don’t want to loose you again. You are the bone of my bone, my joy, my peace, my happiness, my world. I am totally nothing without you.
With tears filled in his eyes he hugged Amanda and for more than 10 minutes, he kept crying like a little child. Amanda wept too on his shoulder.

As he was crying, his alarm ranged. It was 5AM. So this was a dream???
Immediately he broke down and wept. He wept so much that he fell sick and was unable to go to work.
Where is Amanda? What happened to Amanda? Is she dead? Is she alive?

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