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Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl The gospel musicians were doing what they were paid for. Leading in praises and worships. As the congregation was worshipping God, Pastor Mike picked up the Mic. He was one of the guest pastors of the program Keyboardist play me “Strings” on F# he said. Started singing Great are you Lord […]

The Blue House

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House In this villa area(The Blue House), there was no way out. Here, they will peel your heart like an onion. Because the house was cheap and affordable, a young couple came to this area to buy a house. Every houses look the same. Same in color, same in size and the only […]

Trapped Episode 3

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Episode 3 Trapped Their relationship was soo perfect, every one around them envied them. Amanda was perfect in everything, even in s3x, she was the best. One monday morning, Eric got up and was unable to find Amanda. Maybe she went to the market, he said. Till the next day, no one knew where […]

AGONY Episode 1

AGONY Episode 2

AGONY Episode 1 Through the power of the Most High God, the dead were raised, the blind saw, the sick received healings. God is good and he works wonder through men. This was the testimony of a brother. His name is Bright. Bright is a young man with strong zeal to serve God. Since his […]