The Blue House

The Blue House

The Blue House

In this villa area(The Blue House), there was no way out. Here, they will peel your heart like an onion.

Because the house was cheap and affordable, a young couple came to this area to buy a house. Every houses look the same. Same in color, same in size and the only different thing from each house, is the house number.

After seeing house number 6, the couple decided to return home and to decide if they will buy the house or not. But they couldn’t get out from the estate.

They kept moving round the estate, and back to house number 6. At that moment they suddenly felt very scared, they stopped the car. David taught his wife was joking, took the wheel and drove several times but they came back to the same house number 6. From morning till night, no escape route. Their car ran out of fuel.

{Editor’s comment:
what would i do? You the reader, what would you do if you were in this situation?}

Lisa went inside first, can’t stay in the house, she went to the street and screamed but no one came out to help. She heard her echo. How possible is that? The street is wide and there are lots of houses.

David and Lisa got into the house thinking something would happen to them. On the dinning table, the found apples, ate it and slept off that night.

The next morning, David climbed up the house roof, he wanted to see an escape route from the top view but he was surprised by the same villa in front of him, he couldn’t see the end. I won’t tell Lisa, it may scare her to death, he said. They started knocking on other houses, nothing inside.

They kept doing that until afternoon. From sunrise to sunset, finally the saw a house with it’s electricity bulb on. Coming into the house, they realised it’s house number 6 they had stayed. What really happened?

In front of their house, they found canned foods but couldn’t find anyone. With anger, David set the house on fire, they sat quietly to see if someone is playing with their mind, while the house burns, the fell asleep on the roadside.

On the roadside when they woke up another parcel like the one they saw yesterday was in front of them they opened it, inside was a kid who didn’t look 100% human.

They looked over, to their surprise, the house that was set on fire was totally intact as if nothing happened.


David went to the house rooftop and boldly wrote “HELP ME”.

Ninety days passed, no one came to help them. The little baby seems to eat 70% of the food that comes to their door post daily and within these 90 days, he grew like a 10 year old child, very brilliant and imitated everything the couple did. How they spoke, ate, walk, etc.

As for David, what ever he destroys would become it’s original shape. Nothing has happened facing those strange things; with anger David threw the boy out of the house, but Lisa saw nothing evil in the child.

She took the child as her son. She was so close to the child, taught him math, English, different games, dog and cat language. It might be a way to release stress, Lisa taught.

And suddenly the child disappeared, came back after a few days to Lisa with some books.

In her front, the boy meow like a cat and became a full grown man. Lisa fainted.  How come???

She ran out of the house to her husband David, who have been digging a hole for more than 8 months, looking for an escape route.

Least I forgot, there was no network or any connection to the outside world.

What will be the fate of this couple?


The Blue House part 2

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