Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl

Rose The Runs Girl

The gospel musicians were doing what they were paid for. Leading in praises and worships.

As the congregation was worshipping God, Pastor Mike picked up the Mic. He was one of the guest pastors of the program

Keyboardist play me “Strings” on F# he said.

Started singing Great are you Lord by Sinach.

Speaks in tongue for some minutes

So who is “Rose” here?
I’m hearing “Rose “, no! not Roselyn. I’m only hearing Rose. Rose from Unilag, 3rd year student. Political science student.

Wherever you are,  your days are numbered. Take a bold step and come here fast, you are about to be delivered.

Everywhere was Silence

Rose: (in her mind she said) this man wan spoil my hustle e no go work for am.

Pastor: Rose, if you do not come out in the next 60 seconds, the Lord you will…(while the pastor was still prophesying), Rose left the church.



Rose was a young lady in her late 20s, born into the family of 5. Her father died when she was very young. Her mother who was the breadwinner, had a stroke.
Therefore, her family’s responsibilities rested on her shoulder. Since she had to take care of both her mother and younger siblings, she ended up being a runs girl.

Unlike other girls, she uses the money to train herself in school as well as take care of her mother and siblings.

It’s been 3weeks that incident happened in the church. Since then, she haven’t had peace of mind.
What was the prophecy? She asked
But God know say this kontri hard and this na my hustle naw. I have to see that pastor. What if the pastor say wetin I no wan hear? She kept having different thoughts.

As she was thinking whether to stop this lifestyle or continue with the prostitution lifestyle, her phone rang. It was her younger sister.

Rose younger sister: Sister Rose, Mama’s health condition is getting worse. The doctor is requesting for 300 thousand naira. If we do not deposit the money, she might die.

With tears in her eyes, she dropped the phone. God what is all this, I need your help. I don’t know what to do, please help me.

Editor’s comments:
This story applies to both male and female.

These days, children are exposed to things that isn’t right. Due to hardship and responsibilities, some end up in bad gangs like robbery, prostitution, cyber scam, etc.

As a parent, you are here to take care of your children in every aspect of their lives. Make them to understand that life might not be easy, educate them and prepare them for the future.

Sending them to the university is great, but formal education is the best. Tell them your experiences and communicate with them.

Rose is a runs girl. But who is the cause of it?
The young girl Rose, her family, the society or nature?

And if you were to be in Rose’s shoes, what would you have done?

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