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Hospital Romance

Hospital Romance Cold and Crazy meets again 🔞🔞 Romance Story Episode 1 Anna Anna ” Doctor Jake wants to see you” Carla said barging into the ward I was working in. ” Okay, let me finish with the little girl” I said whiles fixing the drip into the little girl’s hands. ” So , lie […]

Trapped Episode 4

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Part 4 Trapped. On a Thursday morning, Eric got up and found Amanda right beside him sleeping. He was shocked. Is it a dream or reality? Amanda??? Is that you?  Where have you been all this while? He asked with tears in his eyes.   Amanda: Something serious came up. It was very important. […]

Trapped Episode 3

TRAPPED Episode 4

Trapped Episode 3 Trapped Their relationship was soo perfect, every one around them envied them. Amanda was perfect in everything, even in s3x, she was the best. One monday morning, Eric got up and was unable to find Amanda. Maybe she went to the market, he said. Till the next day, no one knew where […]

TRAPPED Episode 1

TRAPPED Episode 4

TRAPPED Episode 1 Eric the lady’s guy is a young man in his late 20s. He is soo good with womanizing, he never miss shots. Because of this, his friends gave him that nick name – “Eric the lady’s man”. One day, In a hot afternoon, as he was returning home. He saw a very […]