Hospital Romance

Hospital Romance

Cold and Crazy meets again ๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿ”ž

Romance Story

Episode 1

Anna Anna

” Doctor Jake wants to see you” Carla said barging into the ward I was working in.

” Okay, let me finish with the little girl” I said whiles fixing the drip into the little girl’s hands.

” So , lie down I will be back okay” I told the girl and she nodded slightly.

” Thank you Anna, don’t tell mom she will freak out ” she said and I ruffled her hair slightly.

” Okay ” I said and she giggled.

” Pinky promise?” she asked showing me her pinky finger and I showed her mine.

” Pinky promise!, but you will promise to eat everyday and early before sweets ,so that you don’t faint in school” Anna told her and she nodded in agreement.

I walked down the hallway with Carla , we have been friends since middle school and we stay in the same apartment.
Well our story is the same .

I wonder why Doctor Jake wants to see me.

I knocked on his office door when we got in front of his office. I heard a faint ‘come in’.

” Good afternoon , Doctor Jake” Carla and I said.

” Good day Nurse Anna and Carla ” he said and removed his stethoscope.

“I got a call from San Francisco head hospital , the cases there are getting higher everyday and their nurses are a little , so I was thinking of transferring five more nurses there including you and Carla” he said and Carla and I gasped.

” Why us , we have worked here since we completed school, why not choose different set” Carla said and I nodded in agreement.

” No! , You , Anna , Olivia and some other ones I don’t remember their names” he said and put some files on the desk.

” Fill in the transfer files and sign , submit it before the end of today and prepare for the weekend, today is the last day you will work here.
You will start working there on Monday” he said and I frowned .

” Doc, how is that possible , we have not yet booked our flights nor packed we just heard it” I said and he smiled.

” Your flights have been booked , just pack , you have to board the first flight to San Francisco on Sunday morning” he said and I nodded.

” Thanks Doctor ” I mumbled and he smiled .

” It’s for the best Carla , it’s a big hospital there” he told Carla and she scoffed.

Yeah I know why!, Her family is in San Francisco and she doesn’t want to see them.
We left his office with the transfer files and I sighed.

” It’s ok Carla , we will be fine” Anna said and she nodded.

” But think about it Anna , we have to change Diego’s school and hire a new apartment ” she said and I smiled.


Noah: “They will be here on Monday, Doctor Jake said they are five of them ” I said signing some papers.

” Thank heavens” Blake said and I smiled.

Someone knocked and I sighed.
God! , am tired.

” Come in ” I said and Blake sat down .
The door opened and Nala entered smiling seductively , when she saw Blake she frowned.

” Doctor Blake, Can you excuse us?” she said and Blake nodded .

” Don’t forget our Men’s night tommorow Noah Stewart ” Blake said.

I smiled and nodded and he left and closed the door behind.

(Noah is a medical practitioner. And Nala have been forcing herself on him for a very long time).

She keeps wearing short uniform. When you tell her, she insists that it’s okay.

” Noah” Nala called him.
Nala we are in the hospital , it’s Sir not Noah” I said and got up.

She held my waist and drew her boobs tightly on my chest.

” Why don’t you want me ” she mumbled in between the kisses.

Noah pulled away quickly.

Nala: Please, let’s go tell our parents we are together.

No! , I don’t love you and I can’t okay. Noah said as he left his office.

As Noah withdrew, he bumped into Theresa.
Theresa is like a godmother to Noah she as old as his Mom.

Theresa: Doctor Noah Stewart , you are now been clumsy. she said and they both laughed .

To be continued

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