Love story: A Struggle For Love [University Lifestyle]

Love story: A Struggle For Love [University Lifestyle]

Cynthia and Sonia POV
Hurray!!! (Cynthia and Sonia screamed as they both got lost in the DJ’s bits)

Sonia: I wish the summer break will last longer

Cynthia: Me too. You know we have no choice but to return to school tomorrow

Sonia: Honestly, but I’m enjoying this party

Author POV
Suddenly the light goes off and came back in different colors.

A set of guys (six in number) stepped into the party hall which got everyone’s attention
Among them is a very tall dark guy, he’s very cute to the point everyone in the party uncontrollably starred at him; Cynthia and Sonia inclusive. He took the lead while the other five walk behind him.

A lot of the girls in the party murmuring different things
“I wish he will be mine”
“OMG! Could he be single?
” So cute and lovable…”

# Sonia POV
He’s here again; he is a devilish player and I hate him so badly- Sonia Laments
“I don’t love him either. Common dear, let’s not allow him spoil our mood tonight” Cynthia said

” You are right dear, he’s just a good for nothing player and I won’t allow him privilege to spoil my fun filled night. Sonia said and continued dancing with Cynthia.

While Sonia dance, she couldn’t stop staring at the cute guy.
In her thoughts she (Sonia) said “I would have been his date tonight if we had not breakup”.

I wish we were still together. She was lost in thoughts and suddenly Cynthia tapped her back to life
“Sonia, are you okay? Cynthia asked

” Yes friend, I’m fine” Sonia replied
“You are thinking about him right??…Cynthia asked
” Think about him? Why would I be thinking about someone like this?” Sonia said

Cynthia: Well, Mike was waving at you…
Sonia: Who cares? Common, I love this track by Phyno; let’s dance.
Sonia couldn’t stop staring at him, but was being careful so that Cynthia won’t notice her.

Here comes Gift; one of the most famous bitch in the school. She doesn’t find it difficult throwing herself at guys- especially cute ones.
Gift walked straight to Mike, sat on his laps and began to kiss him passionately;
“I wish I have a gun with me!” Sonia cried out

She was expecting Mike to push Gift off his laps or probably stop her from kissing him, but he didn’t rather he enjoyed the kiss and caressed her body while she moan out loudly.

(Cynthia dragged Sonia out of the party hall)
Cynthia: let’s go, friend..

[Sonia was surprised and asked Cynthia why she would drag her out that way]

”Nothing, we should just go so that we won’t get drunk again tonight.” Cynthia said

Cynthia: Sonia, are you okay?

“Of course I am…Sonia replied
Cynthia: Tell me it’s not what I’m thinking! Is there anything I should know?
Sonia: No! Nothing! Remember, I told you it is over between us and, I meant it; I don’t love him
anymore and I will never fall in love again. (With fake smiles on her face)
Cynthia: I hope you are telling me the truth?
Sonia: Why would I be lying to you? We have to go now, it’s getting late.
(She dragged Cynthia along with her as they both head home)

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