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The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2 The Blue House Lisa forgot that this child who suddenly became a man looks exactly the person who brought them to this villa. That same day, the man went out. Lisa followed him secretly to see where he goes. To her surprise, the young man disappeared. David who have been […]

The Blue House

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House In this villa area(The Blue House), there was no way out. Here, they will peel your heart like an onion. Because the house was cheap and affordable, a young couple came to this area to buy a house. Every houses look the same. Same in color, same in size and the only […]

True Life Story 1

Life Story 1

True Life Story 1 How would you judge this case?? True Life Story In West Africa Nigeria, Lagos. A young man called Tunde was born into a Christian family, with a strong Christian background. He was tall, good looking and intelligent. His dream was to become a medical doctor. From his young age, he have […]

Agony Episode 2

AGONY Episode 2

Agony Episode 2 Agony One thing about Bright is, he didn’t hide his identity. The same day he arrived King’s college, he started preaching the gospel to his roommate and everyone he comes in contact with. He wasn’t the only Christian in campus, but he wasn’t like the other Christians who hid their identity. His […]