The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House Part 2

The Blue House

Lisa forgot that this child who suddenly became a man looks exactly the person who brought them to this villa.

That same day, the man went out. Lisa followed him secretly to see where he goes. To her surprise, the young man disappeared.

David who have been digging(he thinks their escape route is to dig a tunnel) for more than a year, found something in the earth. A body.

He was scared and climbed out of the hole. Lisa came back at the same time. Out of fear, they were exhausted and stressed out. They wanted to go inside the building, but the door was locked. Looking through the window, they found the boy in the house. But no matter how they called him and knock, he didn’t respond and the house was difficult to break in.

The couple slept outside in cold. The next day, David couldn’t wake up, he died. Lisa wept.

The boy opened the door, David is useless now, he said arrogantly and commanded Lisa to stop crying. That same hole David dodged for months, became his grave.

The next day, Lisa took a weapon. Quietly, moved to the guy and tried to kill the monster. But Lisa was just a woman, she couldn’t knock him out. He quickly drew a line on the floor, raised the floor and went inside it. Lisa followed him immediately.

Inside those floors, Lisa saw different people. Families, couples and individuals who were trapped like her. Those people were scared to speak with her because they taught she was one of the monsters.

Suddenly, she saw something she haven’t seen before in her life. A creature that doesn’t look like a human or an animal.
Seeing this creature, Lisa collapsed. Waking up, Lisa saw herself in the same villa no. 6. That hole, that villa, nothing changed. She doubted if she was still human.

Lisa couldn’t take it any more. She was weak, depressed, stressed, angry, disappointed and lonely. She committed suicide!!

The monster buried her in the same hole where David was buried and filled up the hole with sand.
The monster in a human form, drove David’s car and easily left the villa. The same villa where the couples couldn’t get out for months.

At a property center, he killed the real estate agent and sat there. He is expecting the next guest to see the BLUE HOUSE

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