Agony Episode 2

Agony Episode 2

AGONY Episode 2


One thing about Bright is, he didn’t hide his identity. The same day he arrived King’s college, he started preaching the gospel to his roommate and everyone he comes in contact with.
He wasn’t the only Christian in campus, but he wasn’t like the other Christians who hid their identity.

His zeal was too much that they nicknamed his “Pas” . He was so popular in school.

His roommate, who was a cultist made plans with his members on how to initiate Bright into black axe (Black axe, is the name of a cultist group)
The truth is, Bright was a target to so many cultist because he had a good reputation and he is innocent. That was why they wanted him to join them.

First, Black axe sent some of their members in disguise and beat Bright. He was beaten to the point he lost conciousness. They rushed him to hospital. The cult told him to join them, that they will protect him from every other cultist and bullies who will try to intimidate him on campus.

Bright refused. He said that his God will fight for him.

Next, the same cult stole all his money, his credit cards, his phone and everything he have. They also took his room mate properties.
Bright was broke, he went to the street of London to look for job but couldn’t find any job.

This affected his studies. And the zealous Bright became moody. What’s happening to me? Why is everyone against me? Who did I offend?

His same roommate came to him and offered to help him with some money if only he will move cocaine from King’s college to another university. Bright said no.

The cult tried everything but it seems not to work.
We have the power to convince anybody and control every one in campus. Why is Bright soo stubborn??

Finally they decided to destroy his faith.
Every night, Steve his roommate kept watching ponography videos, increasing the volume. At the same time, Steve kept bring different girls to their room and when they have s3x, they morn soo loud, with the smoking and every other illegal things done in the room.

This was done intentionally to affect Bright.

Due to the challenges Bright was facing and he didn’t want to disturb his parents, he became depressed, couldn’t focus on his studies, his grades went low too.

Finally someone offered to help. Seeing how depressed Bright was, a girl called Brenda from his department offered to help him with his studies to improve his grades.

Is Brenda’s motive right or was she sent by the same group tormenting Bright?

Remember Bright still didn’t know that his roommate and Black axe is behind all his troubles.

What is Bright fate?

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