True Life Story 1

True Life Story 1

True Life Story 1

How would you judge this case??

True Life Story

In West Africa Nigeria, Lagos. A young man called Tunde was born into a Christian family, with a strong Christian background. He was tall, good looking and intelligent. His dream was to become a medical doctor. From his young age, he have focused only on studies and his faith.

Just like every Christian, he always wanted to make heaven. From high school, his cuteness and intelligence started attracting different types of girls and that made him lost focus.
He managed to gain admission into the university to study micro biology, but told his parents that he gained admission to study Medicine and Surgery.

Due to his careless lifestyle, he was expelled from the university. He took another university entrance exam, but couldn’t pass any university entrance exam.
His family thought he was in school but didn’t know he was expelled and he kept taking money from his parents.

After 2 years, he gained admission into a polythenic to study medical laboratory science.
Tunde didn’t learn from his mistakes, he kept having unprotected s3x with different girls, doing drugs, joined another cult and killed alot of people.

Finally, he came to his senses, but was too late because he was HIV Positive and couldn’t control his addiction for drugs.
He shared his story with his best friend Oluwa Tobi. He also told Tobi how he want to end his life but can’t kill himself. Saying that if he kill himself, he will go to hell.
Because of the shame he brought to himself, Tunde’s father disowned him.

To cut the story short. 6 months later, Tobi decided to end Tunde’s miserable life, so he hired killers to kill Tunde.

The instruction was to kidnap Tunde, torture him and force him to say his last prayer before killing him. The hire killers did as instructed. Tunde said his last prayer, he asked God to forgive him and the killers shot him.

The question is, was Tobi right with his actions?
Did he play the role of a friend or is there any other solution to Tunde’s problem?
If you have the power to judge, how will you judge Tunde and Tobi?

Remember, Tunde didn’t know that Tobi was the one who killed him. And Tobi, did it out of love.

Updated: February 7, 2021 — 4:24 pm

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