Steps To Take When You Develop Feelings For Your Second Partner In Open Relationship

Steps To Take When You Develop Feelings For Your Second Partner In Open Relationship

Secondary partners are not people you are emotionally committed to. These are people who are simply in your life to satisfy your sexual variety.

Therefore, when in an open relationship you might agree with your primary partner to have s3x outside the relationship.

You have with them probably to satisfy your individual sexual variety.

You may continue to be in a sexual relationship with your secondary partner. Remember it’s an agreement between you and your partner.

This can go on for a while until you probably start noticing something more special than just sex in your secondary partner.

Is possible to fall in love with your secondary partner.

He/she could be hardworking, understanding, intelligent, caring, gives you greater attention. And more compassionate than your primary partner.

You tend to start developing romantic feelings for this person which is against the agreement you have with your primary partner.

In a situation like this, what do  you do?

You possibly will run out of ideas. In an open relation, there are so many ways to solve these problems.

What to do when you develop feelings for second partner

The following steps will help to remedy the condition;

1.  Relate to your primary partner. Be open to your partner. Tell them the truth. Is very difficult, but that’s the only way to save your relationship.


2. Try to put an end to your relationship with the second partner.

If you cannot help falling in love with them, you might be left with only two option.

Either your primary partner or secondary partner. The truth is, you can’t love them equally.  In this case, do not be judgmental or biased rather be realistic and work according to your feelings. Now, you know what you desire.

At this point, you have been presented with an opportunity to resolve anything that has been an issue in your primary relationship.

Here, is up to you to decide whether to fix things with your primary partner or move on with someone new.

It is advisable to let go of the secondary partner whom you are having feelings for if your primary partner is willing to work things out. Know where your main relationship is having issue and bridge any gap in the relationship.

One needs to be really very careful when in this situation. In order not to make the wrong moves which will in end bring regrets.

In some cases, your primary partner might be so broken and furious which will lead them to breakup with you.

All you need to do is to create a little space between you and the secondary partner in order to put yourself together and decide what you actually want. Infidelity is not an enough reason to end a relationship as anyone can be victim of this.

Note that ending a relationship because of infidelity will put you in the position of jumping from one relationship to another. When you find it so difficult to talk things out with your partner.

The essence of asking for time and space from your secondary partner is to help you learn from your mistakes and how best to handle a relationship so you will not repeat same mistakes you made early which made your former relationship failed.

First, you need to trust and follow your own instincts guided by deliberate thought regarding the subject matter.

Advisably, talking to a family member, friend or therapist about your intentions and what you intend to do will go a long way in helping curtail the situation and avoid divorce. Keep in mind all that has happened and do not over think it. Avoid misleading yourself by working strictly with facts and realities.

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Updated: July 2, 2021 — 6:50 pm

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