Benefits Of Open Relationship

Benefits Of Open Relationship

Benefits Of Open Relationship

Open relationship simply means having more than one romantic or sexual partner. It’s an arrangement that both parties agree on a non-monogamous relationship. As one or both partners engage in romantic or sexual activities outside their relationship.

Most people says open relationships will always have a negative outcome irrespective of how strong the parties communicate.

The major thing here is, jealousy. Jealousy is the most undefeatable factor which will always bring failure to open relationship. Therefore, they firmly subscribe to the idea that open relationships can not stand the test of time.

This wrong belief fails to understand that majority of relationships end in failure. Considering the fact that almost all the relationships end in divorce. In this matter, they ran into conclusion without considering the fact that there is more to relationship than being selfish.

According to a proofed article in the university of Rochester, the success rate between open relationship is quite similar in so far as two crucial factors remain intact.


   Crucial Factor To A Successful Relationship

  1. Open and honest communication
  2. Absent of selfishness

The difficulty is that those in non monogamous relationships do not conduct enough researches. And people who are not in open relationships are scared to participate because of religion and what others will say. Research shows that open relationships often appear more inspiring than monogamous relationships.


     Relationship Reference

Making reference to the study conducted by the renowned scientist Timothy Wolf, Wolf declared that 76% of open relationship/marriages are doing better than outstanding relationships and marriage.

On the other hand, studies shows that jealousy is still the key factor to broken and destroyed relationships. Love comes with jealousy but relationship is meant for matured people. Therefore, a matured person should know how to differentiate love and jealously.  The high level of prosperity thriving and good fortune recorded in open relationships doesn’t mean there are no cons to open relationships. Neither did Timothy Wolf’s reference report the experience in monogamous relationships as well. The truth here is, jealousy does not occur as a result of your choice of relationship, rather it is a general feature common to every human being.

Therefore, I will advice that when this is noticed, parties involved must solve it before it gets beyond control.


There is a popular saying that those in polygamous relationship seems to be better on average in communication than those in monogamous relationships and this fact has gone further to explain the written article above.

 Secret to a successful relationship

It is important to note that relationships does not fail because it’s an open or monogamous relationship, rather people should be interested in finding a compactible partner, someone who understands you and vice versa.

Never underestimate the power of communication in a relationship. When entering any form of relationship, both parties should understand that relationship will either succeed or fail depending on the how well it’s handled. So, when the outcome is negative, it does not mean that your partner is bad, it simple means that you both are not meant for each other.

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