Benefits Of Open Marriage

Benefits Of Open Marriage

Benefits Of Open Marriage

We all know that marriage is a consecrate union between two persons mostly bond in love. A lot of marriages are dogmatic in this regard; thus, the high rate of divorce in monogamous marriage.  A lot of these marriages end in divorce while very little does not and they do not live happily as couples. This is more reason why many millennials and Gen X persons either marry in later ages or not get married entirely-people often show less interest in unproductive strive.

The question here is: will open marriage ever work?

Does it mean because other forms of marriages failed open marriage will fail as well? 

It has been proved that open marriages exposes couple to different things than other forms of marriage.

Compared to traditional marriages. The difference here lies in the outcome of both.

Considering the study conducted on open marriages which shows about 80 to 90% rate of marriage success because of the ability to see others.

The degree of the difference is 40% of traditional marriages reported satisfactory. A different study shows that 76% have more than average or outstanding marriages.

This is contrary to common sense though, not realistic. The major reason for divorce is infidelity which justifies why traditional marriages fail more than open marriages.

In open marriages, the position of others has been mutually agreed. Because of this, infidelity have been reduced drastically.

Sexual dissatisfaction can as well cause infidelity.

Most monogamous marriages are widely known when it comes to sexual unsatisfaction and boredom.  While polygamous relationship on the other hand corrects some of  these situations.

A lot of people are sexually polygamous and when the situation does not permit such, they feel not sexually satisfied.

With the above statement, it proves the fact that open marriages have a higher success rate when compared to monogamous marriages.

Majority of individuals in open relationships often do not live together unlike the traditional marriages. A study shows that when couple live together they tend to see reasons to leave each other than those living separately.

Many monogamous couples live together while many polygamous couples live separately. The success of open marriage lies in readiness.

Study shows that open marriages work even better than monogamous marriages.

so, this answers the above question “can open relationship ever work”? To most people, this is simply logical and unrealistic, but it is not so.

The belief that open marriages will always fail is just dogmatic and holds no water.

I’m in support of open relationships and monogamous relationship. 

[Editor’s advise]

 Individuals interested in open relationship shouldn’t panic on whether it is not going to stand the test of time. 

Different statistics had earlier proved that open relationships brings more happiness and satisfaction than monogamous relationships.

The most important thing is understanding. Understand your partner.

Updated: June 22, 2021 — 12:30 am

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