Secret Of Life Filled With Rest By Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Secret Of Life Filled With Rest By Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Secrets of life to rest: Entering into God’s workmanship that He set from the foundation of the earth.

Bible Reading:

Mattw 7:13~14: “Enter through the narrow gate.(A) For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.  one of the most misunderstood scripture.

Life now not life after now.. this scripture has nothing to do with heaven and hell. We must build the church according to Gods patterns else we will miss the mark. Heb 4:3~4 NIV
Heb 4:10. Do you know the secrets to life of rest. Hell will never be more populous than heaven. Its not possible. Matthew 7 has been sincerely misinterpreted. Its meaning is rested life on earth and destruction. The text has nothing to do with eternity. its talking about time here on earth. Broad way that leads to personal, financial, mental etc, destruction.


His talking about this life.. zoe God connected life. Narrow is the way that leads to life. Many Christians are in Physical, marital, relationship destruction and many more but are not in spiritual destruction. Example Noah Ark. Had only one door that everyone went into..

John 13: 5.. Jesus is the only door. Salvation is the total package that saves us from destruction and total damnation. Revelation 7:9~10. God can use a man to preach the gospel but His not limited to you. Paul was converted to God by Christ himself.. the man crucified beside Christ got saved at the point of death and went to paradise. God loves humanity so much that He sent His only son Jesus for us. People might be wallowing in destruction but end up making heaven. There will be so much surprises in heaven at the last days. The space in heaven is so huge that God will accept that people will go through the broad way to hell.. the destruction is on earth not eternity. As many as lead by the spirit of God they’re the sons of God. A baby has a mother and the baby knows and adapts to their mothers voice. Mothers don’t teach their baby how to hear their mother’s voice. Most believers has a potential to hear God but our hearts are hardened by a particular sin with rocky mind. When you hardened Heb 4:7 your heart you are exposed to another error.
For example you’re into stealing of government treasures or yahoo and that life has gotten u the beautiful things of life then you don’t want to accept or hear when God tells you that its a sin.. you assume its not sin and hardened your heart. Yet the still small voice which doesn’t condemn but is full of grace, exhortation, edification and comforting keeps telling you to stop that evil and turn to God.
Path to destruction is not the path to eternal damnation.


John 10:10 .. life here.. Matthew 11:28~29 you shall find restbon your earthly destruction. Jesus is the door and gate that leads to a narrow path to life which is rest from financial, anxiety, stress, psychological; labor and all the toiliing the curse of sentence that cameon adam which affects us…  Gen 18:19.
Labor to enter into the rest of God. Eg traveling to London.


Enter into the rest of God thats the only thing every believer has to Labor for. Not Labor on earth.
Deut 6:10~11.. Christ Jesus has worked the work for us and labored for us. Hence He wants to give us abundance life and rest.
Heb 4:1.. God tells us not to be afraid of anything 365 times in the scriptures.. the only one place is said we should fear is not to enter into His rest in Heb 4:1~4emphasis verse 3 entering into God’s finished work.
The reason we have rest is because God finished everything for us before the foundation of the world.


1john 1:5 Darkness can only happen in time not in heaven. Even though God created light he doesn’t live in light because he is light himself. Aging is a function of time.

God lives beyond time. When He said enter into my rest it means eternity without the constraints of time. I receive faith and grace to enter into God’s rest in my life.

Revelation 13:8. The divine rest comes from acceptance. God had finished salvation even before Adam sinned. HEB 4:3 8 all the works of God were finished.
Eph 2:10. I see a better me , i see an abundant life me , i see my better future and I see a better Nigeria 🇳🇬.  The stone must be rolled away in my life so that i will spring forth.
God did not rest after 6days because he was tired. He rested because he had finished all the whole works in eternity. That’s why he wants to give you rest.Matthew 11:27.

Mark 11:24.. john 17:4 ~5.
Worries and anxiety chocks the flow of Gods works for your life. Peace and faith speeds up the flow of your rest.
Favour flows into the anxiety free areas of your life 1peter 5:8..then study 1peter 5:7

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