Narcissist: Why Some Relationship Fails and Can’t be Saved

Narcissist: Why Some Relationship Fails and Can’t be Saved

Couples counselling is great, but not when you are dealing with a narcissist. Who is a narcissist?

Narcissistic partners usually have difficulty really loving someone else, because they don’t truly love themselves. They are so focused on themselves that they cannot really “see” their partner as a separate person. They tend to only see the partner in terms of how they fill their needs (or fail to fill their needs).

“While some relationships can be saved, a narcissistic one can’t. Couples therapy won’t help.”

There are a number of signs people can look out for in their partners to help them spot any narcissistic behaviours. “Narcissists also lack emotional empathy for other people. They cannot feel your joy or your pain. “They only care about how your feelings impact them. This means that they are unlikely to care if they do something that hurts you.”

For couples counselling to be effective, both parties need to be willing to recognise where things might be going wrong.

“Effective couples’ therapy requires the couple to reflect on their behaviours, and impact on the other person.

“It is necessary to be able to admit where their behavior or expectations for the relationship are unreasonable. “Narcissists cannot admit their faults as it will require them from feeling special to worthless.

“This is why it will not work. Unless the therapist is in their favour they will not have it. Either way it is pointless.”

That does not mean you can not get better in your relationship, the most important thing is realize the level you are right now and where you want to go.

It’s a relationship and it deals with two people.

Be open minded and speak with your partner always.  Most importantly, be willing to change.


Updated: August 18, 2021 — 2:29 pm

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