Natural Foods and Seeds To Improve Your Hair Growth

Natural Foods and Seeds To Improve Your Hair Growth


Hair is estimated to grow between ¼ and ½ inch per month- which means it take many years to grow hair to a long length. The quality of our hair says a lot about our lifestyle; which is more reason I have suggested below some of the foods we need to eat on regular basis to improve the quality and length of our hair:


Seeds contain little or no calories at all and are often cost effective. They contain vitamin E, zinc, and selenium which increase the chances of quality hair growth. 1-ounce of sunflower seed provides 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamins E and B which encourages healthy hair; chai and flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids


Studies proved that walnuts help hair grow faster due to its high content of vitamin E. According to Prevention; “nuts are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which also reduce hair loss and improve growth”.


According to WebMD “hair that has gone into the state of rest is bad because it will stop growing, older hair will fall out, all of which contributes to hair loss” eating enough protein on daily basis can prevent this from happening and enhance the quality of your hair- chicken is an example of source of good protein which is low in fat.

Spinach contains vitamin A, iron; beta carotene, foliate, and vitamin C. The combination of all, regulate oil production in our scalp and strengthens our hair. WebMD stated that spinach is particularly good for people with weak and brittle hair. For some of us who doesn’t like spinach; kale can be a good substitute because it contains similar nutrients.

Brazil Nuts
Selenium is the major nutritional content of Brazil nut; selenium is shown to be very important and beneficial to every part of the human body. So, consuming Brazil nuts is not just good for the hair alone, but offers a lot to the body generally.

Fatty fish
Fatty fish like salmon contains good amount of omega-3 fatty acids which our bodies cannot produce on their own and that is what necessitate we eat fatty fish.

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