My First Experience Episode 5

My First Experience Episode 5

My First Experience

As Jane spoke with her mother, she told her everything. There was silence at the other end of the line. Her mother couldn’t say any word, she had an emotionally melt down.

“Mum are you still there? say something please ” she pleaded.
Jane why didn’t you wait a little longer till you got married? After everything I told you. The advice, the counseling, and everything. Why did you fall into the devil trap?

Jane felt worse in herself as the words from her mother worsen the whole thing. “I have nothing much to say, is between you and your creator” her mother said and cut the call.
Jane fell into deeper thoughts and wept.
Lord please, what should J do? I need your direction. Do you still love me Lord?

The next day, she went for her classes as she had missed alot. In school, she saw into Mike.

Mike: “Can we talk” Jane?

Jane:“No!” She replied.

Mike: “What’s the problem? What is all this? What have I done this time around? He asked almost tearing up, but Jane paid no attention as she walked away.

Mike felt soo bad that he went drinking alcohol. He was later traced by his friends to a bar, where he was drunk to stupor. His friends tried to taking him home but he refused to go.

“Guy what’s the problem? Why do you want to wound yourself? they asked.

Mike: Leave me alone. I want to be alone. He told them in tears.

“I told you not to fall deep for that babe but you paid deaf ears and now just look at you” one of his friends told him. Hearing this, Mike cried like a baby.

Mike: I love her, I really do love her. She’s the first girl I fell in love with. Now, she doesn’t want to see me or speak to me.

After two weeks of heartbreak and not having access to Jane, Mike returned to his former life. And this time, he was worse than before.

Mike never missed clubs during weekends and every week, he brought different girls home. And his lavish lifestyle, he doubled it.

This time around, Jane had healed a bit and started missing Mike. She felt bad for how she treated Mike during her pains and wanted to apologize to Mike. “I miss him and it was childish of me to act the way I did” she thought to herself.

Finally, she picked up her phone, called Mike but his line wasn’t available. She visited him but the guy have moved out of the house already.

Jane was scared at this point, she didn’t know how to contact him. Searched everywhere but couldn’t find him.
“I can’t lose Eric, I love him” she said as tears flowed down her eyes.
One cool evening, as she was walking home, she bumped into one of Eric’s friends. “Hi Richard, how have you been?” She greeted, “I’m good” he replied in a hurry.

Jane: I have been looking for Muke but can’t find him. Please can you help me with his contact details? She asked

Richard: Jane, honestly I shouldn’t be talking to you after what you did to my guy.

“What did I do to him?” Jane asked

Richard: “He was loosing his mind because of you. Always drinking and almost wounded himself. All these were because of you.

Jane then realizes how selfish she was in the relationship. And how much damage she have caused to a guy that loves her.

“Where is he?” She pleaded.

Let’s go and pay him some visit Richard said. Jane was filled with joy knowing she will see his boyfriend soon.

At Mike’s house, Jane sat in the living room as Richard went to the room to inform Mike that Jane visited.
Entering the room, he saw two girls dressed half naked with Mike.

“Hey Rich the man what’s up?” Mike greeted Richard.

Richard: Guy can I talk to you alone?

Mike: Guy please you can say anything you want to say. As you can see, I’m preoccupied.

Richard: Jane is in your living room as we speak….

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