My First Experience Episode 6

My First Experience Episode 6

MY FIRST Experience

The news that Jane was in the living room hit Mike so hard that he asked Richard to repeat himself. He didn’t want to believe that the only girl he ever loved, whom he was trying so hard to forget was in his sitting room.

“How did she know here”? Did you bring her here?” He asked in anger, “I did” Richard replied.

Mike: Why didn’t you tell me first?

Richard: It wasn’t planned. We met in school and insisted that she wants to see you. I had no option but to bring her home.

Mike was confused and didn’t know how to face Jane. Not now he have two girls in his bed.

“Tell her to leave” Mike said in anger. “Just try and see her so you hear what she has to say” Richard pleaded.

After much persuasion, Mike decided go see Jane. He warned the girls not to leave the bedroom.
At the sight of Jane, Mike’s heart beats faster. He tried to be in his best behavior and not to show any emotion. Jane on the other hand, couldn’t control her heart beat too, as it was beating uncontrollably.

“Hi” she greeted, “Hey” he replied and sat on a different couch. “You left your former house, why?” Jane asked. “Nothing” he replied. “Ok, so how have you been?” She asked, “I’m okay” he replied.
Jane was getting frustrated with the way Mike communicated.

Jane: “Please can we talk about us?” She asked, “There’s nothing to talk about” he replied. The young girl sensed that Mike didn’t want to talk to her.

Mike I’m so sorry for how I treated you, I know I shouldn’t have behaved that way, I’m so sorry for cutting you off for such a long time. She said. Mike was mute for over 2 minutes and finally said “It’s all good”.

I think it’s time you leave. Mike said as he got up from where he sat.
Jane was devastated. “Oh My! I love this guy and I don’t want to loose him. As she was about to express her love to him, the girls came out from the room.
Jane was shocked. With anger and as tears rolled over her eyes, she said nothing and left Mike’s house.

Mike seeing the whole thing, didn’t know what to say or do. He don’t know if he will run after Jane or not.

Jane was heartbroken. She couldn’t believe that the guy who took her virginity and who she really loves did this to her.
She cried all night because of the incident that occurred in Mike’s house. Mike too tried to get over her too. But they couldn’t stop loving each other secretly.


Weeks passed, Jane was returning home with group of friends from lectures. Mike who couldn’t stop thinking of her and have been following her, called her.

Mike: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Jane looked into his eyes and her heart skipped a beat, “Ok” she replied.

Mike: “Can we seat over there?” He asked, “Ok” she coldly replied.They sat down and there was silence. Mike couldn’t stop staring at Jane, whose head was faced down.

Mike: I was loosing my mind because of you. I tried communicating but you didn’t want to talk to me. The more I waited for you, the more I was torn apart.

The only option left for me is to go back to the life you once changed. Jane, you are the first girl I fell deeply in love with. “You broke my heart” he said with a weeping tone.

(Jane couldn’t hold it as she broke down crying like a baby)

Jane: Why did you have to go back to your old lifestyle? I couldn’t believe it when I saw those girls in your house.

The truth is, when it comes to change, you change because of you not because you are in a relationship. What if I turned out to be a bad girl tomorrow? I love you more Mike.

Love does not judge, condemn or discriminate. I accepted you the way you were and we were working together for you to be a better person.
(She stood up and started leaving)

[Mike was deeply moved with her words.]

Mike: Are you leaving me? Dont leave me. He said in a low tone.

Jane: We have vigil in our fellowship and I have to prepare.

As Jane got home, her mind was free towards Mike. Sometimes, it’s good to speak your mind. It helps.

At service, Jane led in worship and the whole church was moved by the worship song. The pastor did a great job in the gospel of salvation. After the long sermon, he called for altar call.
Mike who was moved by the preaching of the pastor, stepped out.

Is this really Mike? Jane asked herself

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