My First Experience Episode 4

My First Experience Episode 4


Jane’s virginity came as a shock to Mike. He never believed that a lady of that age would still be a virgin. He immediately withdrew himself from her body and stared at her with a mixed feeling.
He can’t say if he was excited or shocked.

“Are you for real?” Mike asked in a surprised tone, “Yes ” Jane replied.

Mike: “Jane, I’m so sorry for not knowing. I didn’t mean to” he pleaded…

Jane: No, you don’t have to apologize, it’s not like it wasn’t consensual she interrupted.

Mike: Do you still want to stay over or we can still make it to your place now. It seems like the rain have stopped. he said.

Jane thought for a while and told him it’s best she stay at his place, as it was already late for her to go.

Eric kissed her on the forehead and promised to wait. Even if it meant till they got married. Jane was moved by how Eric maturely handled the whole situation. There, she knew that this guy is her soul mate.

Jane: Dear, (in a low tone) I want you to be my first and only.

Mike behaved as if he didn’t hear what she said.

She said again, “I want you to be my first and only” she repeated.

Mike: “My love, we don’t have to” Mike replied. All my life, I have waited for this day. I don’t want anyother person but you alone.
Are you sure you want this?, I do love you and feel same way but I can still wait if you want me to” he said, “Today is the day” she replied.

Mike reached out for her lips and gently they kissed.
“One thing you should have in mind is that I love you. And I will keep loving you”. These words sank into Jane’s mind as Mike laid her back on the bed.

The sound of the rain seemed to be in sync with the lovers as it wasn’t showing any sign of stopping soon. Gently and slowly, Mike took her clothes off. He kissed her whole body as though his life depended on it.
From her forehead, to her eye, nose, mouth, neck, breast and down to her toes. The lover girl, enjoy every second of it. Moaning slowly.

Mike gave her the ride of her life to a different world. He took it slowly and she enjoyed every second of it.

Jane couldn’t control it. She screamed his name repeatedly in excitement, squeezing the pillows as she bit her lips.

After everything, they slept cuddling each other.

The next morning, Mike got up and noticed that Jane wasn’t next to him. He walked to the living room only to find her weeping.

Mike: What’s wrong? He asked but she didn’t response. You are getting me scared, please what’s the problem?

As Mike was getting frustrated, Jane got up and walked out on him. Mike tried to hold her hand but she resisted and kept walking.

Jane: Stay away from me!!! she shouted and ran out from his apartment.

Mike: “What have I done?” He thought to himself. Mike was loosing his mind. He tried to recall what he did wrong but couldn’t remember anything.

Jane getting home, wept. “What have I done? I’m sorry Lord. Will God forgive me?

For over one week, Jane didn’t go to school or attend fellowship. She was in doors and her phone was switched off. Throughout those days, she kept crying.

Mike was restless. He visited and called her but she refused to meet her. Mike couldn’t concentrate on anything too. was going crazy and regretted ever taking Tonia’s virginity. Her fellowship members tried reaching her but to no avail.

“God hates me!” Jane kept saying to herself repeatedly, “My mother would be so disappointed in me.

As she was crying, her mother called.

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