Tautening For Health: 8 Things You Have to Throw Away  

Tautening For Health: 8 Things You Have to Throw Away 

Most people have the habit of keeping too many properties in their homes. Some of these properties may no longer be in use anymore thereby leaving the house unkempt. Why not get rid of those things you does not have need for them anymore? I know it can be a bit difficult sometimes to determine what and whatnot to get rid of. For same reason, I have written this article simply to suggest to you the things in your house that may never serve any purpose again.


Things to dispose now

1. Expired Medication and Vitamins

Let’s start from considering the health implications attached to the consumption of expired medication and vitamins to the fact that they can cause death. In this context, keeping expired medications and pharmaceuticals give your home that unkempt look I’m sure you do not like.

2. Old Bills and Receipts

Most of us think it’s wise to document old bills and appliance manuals when we can access any appliance manual online. If you wish to reduce some junks that are no longer useful to you and you are wondering where to start from, I suggest you go scrutinize your files.

3. Single Socks

We often find a pair of single socks without their mates and we cannot clearly explain their way about, rather hope they someday will appear same way they disappeared. Most times we don’t get to see them again, so getting rid of the single available pair of socks is actually a good way of clearing the closet. On a second thought, you can convert the single pair of socks to dust rags for your shoes and any other surface.

4. Old Writing Utensils

Search your junk drawer and get rid of your old writing utensils like; pens, markers, pencils and crayons which most of them does not work anymore. Do this often to keep your house in order and your junk drawer well tidied.

5. Magazines and Catalogs

You may wish to still go through your magazines over and over again, but along the line you will lost interest and may even forget you have that particular magazine in your bookshelf or table. Why not donate these magazines to friends or hospitals where a lot of patients are looking out for new reading materials or possibly, dispose them in the recycling bin.

6. Old Cell Phones and Accessories

Accumulating old cell phones and accessories in your drawer is actually not a good idea. I’m not saying it’s bad to have a spare phone against uncertainty, but having too many of them is what I think is not appropriate. Come to think of it, those phones and accessories in your drawer can actually be given out to a friend, neighbor, donated to a charity home or even to the cell phone company which offers a trade-in for old phones for recycling which will in turn yield you a credit. Is of no use gathering a lot of chargers and other accessories you do no longer have need for when you can usefully dispose them in any of the aforementioned ways.

7. Spices

The life span of most of the spices today is just 12 months and thereafter, it’s not recommendable for consumption. So, it will be a good idea to constantly check your kitchen cupboard and do away with every expired spice and the ones which are no more in use. You may decide to keep the containers which can still be used to store new spices or sold for recycling.

8. Greeting Cards

Getting a greeting card from a friend, lover, family or anyone at all is normal, but keeping the cards for a very long time to me is not appropriate mostly when the occasion that prompted the card is far gone. What I mean here is, some people still have cards given to them one their birthday 5years ago, these cards should be recycled and replaced with new ones if need be. Disposing your unwanted junks and properties is one thing and another thing is to do them in a proper way. If you have to dispose any junk, mostly the one that has your personal information on it, you have to ensure it get through the confetti shredder.

Updated: August 16, 2021 — 12:43 pm

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