Prevent Home Sickness: 8 Household Item You Need to Properly Wash Regularly

Prevent Home Sickness: 8 Household Item You Need to Properly Wash Regularly

There are a lot of household items that needs to be properly washed from time to time. This helps to protect the family health.

Some of these household items include; bathtubs, sinks, towels, clothing, utensils, dishes, kitchen counters, tables and others. It is worthy to note that these items easily attract germs which are capable of causing food poison.

Below are some of the household items that need to be properly washed regularly:

1. Refrigerator Drawers and Shelves

Food items like; meat, vegetables, soda, sauces among others which we stored/preserve in the refrigerator drawers and shelves most times spill water and some even have offensive smell like the meat/fish. Thereby, leaving the refrigerator messed up. So, it is advisable to make out time to wash your fridge thoroughly before introducing a new food item into it.

Even the food items are as well recommended for proper washing before storing them in the fridge.

2. Water Bottles

Reusable water bottle help us carry portable drinking water to our destination easily. But it is very necessary to wash the water bottle every day to keep the water healthy and drinkable. This procedure will keep you away from a lot of harmful germs.

3. Remote Control

Watching the television is a form of relaxation after a hectic day or a way of killing boredom.

Keep in mind that for the fact the remote control is passed from person to person makes it an active carrier of germs. This can cause different kinds of illness. Therefore, it’s very essential that we clean our remote control on regular basis to keep our family free from coming in contact with infectious germs.

4. Car Steering Wheel

Though steering wheel is not a household item, but it is something we touch almost every day (for the car owners).  So, it is equally essential that we keep it clean and hygienic. This can be done by the simple use of disinfectant spray to regularly clean your steering and your dashboard entirely.

5. Makeup Brushes

Infected makeup brush can cause skin disease and open sore on the face, neck, arms and any other part of the body where they are constantly used on. This necessitates the need to ensure your makeup brushes are kept clean.

6. Sponges and Scrubbers

After using your sponges and scrubbers to wash off dirt or stains that have glued to our household items, it is advisable we as well take care of those sponges and scrubbers because they can contaminate other items in the house.

7. Light Switches

Switches are found in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, toilet, kitchen and some other corners of the house and it is very important you disinfect them every time you clean your house because these switches are equally germs carriers and can be a threat for your family health as we cannot go a day without touching at least one switch in the house.

8. Toothbrushes

It is medically recommended to brush your teeth at least twice every day and our toothbrush often get contaminated by the germs in our mouth and other food particles therein, so the hygienic procedure is to properly soak your toothbrush in a hot water for at least 30 seconds and ensure you wash off all the food particles thereafter.

Conclusively, ensure your family is healthy and free from germs and harmful bacteria by simply disinfecting your household items and surfaces like tables, floor and others at least twice weekly. Note that the items mentioned above are not the only household items you need to regularly disinfect, rather a tiny margin. So, do not restrict your cleanup.

Updated: August 16, 2021 — 1:14 pm

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