5 Healthy Reasons to Grow Plants Indoors

5 Healthy Reasons to Grow Plants Indoors

Having plants in your house comes with a lot of benefits other than just the physical beauty it adds. It improves your home’s air quality even without your knowledge- this precious fresh air also comes with health benefits.

Plants should not be planted just in the surroundings of our home, but as well planted indoors. This is a process of bringing the outdoors inside which will make your home very conducive.

Below are some of the benefits of having plants in your home:

1. They Assist Immunity

It is proved in the research conducted by TreeHugger.com that plants improve human Immunity through a process called ‘Transpiration’.

2. Plants purify the air

Plants help in fighting air pollution by converting carbon dioxide into new fresh oxygen. Having the right plants in your home help to neutralize harmful airborne substances and leave you with a whole natural air.

3. Boost workplace performance

Phys.org is among the sources that have proved that indoor greenery can make you work happily and effectively. It stressed the fact that having plants around your workplace reduces distractions, negative mood and improves emotional state, task-performance and confidence. Same benefits await those who work from home.

4. Plants Speedup Healing

“Plants are ‘Noninvasive, inexpensive and effective complementary medicine for surgical patients” proved by “TreeHugger.com. According to this study, it means that bringing flowers to a sick patient can go a long way in helping them recover quickly- mostly from a Hemorrhoidectomy procedure.

5. Plants improves your I.Q

Indoor plants increase our attention that is why subjects in a room with plants fared better at cognitive tests.

Indoor plants actually make one smarter and more effective at what you do as stated above about having plants in your workplace. This is further proved by American Scientists who used staring at computer spreadsheet as an example.

Generally, we should consider having plants within our homes and workplace to boost performance and physical environmental beauty. Health professionals need to as well consider having a lot of beautiful plants in the right places as this can improve their patients’ recovery process.

Updated: August 16, 2021 — 12:18 pm

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