Rooted in Christ

Rooted in Christ

Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the son of the living God is the heir of the All.
You have to stay rooted in Christ.

Bible Reading

Obidiah 1:17
Romans 4: 14

Galatians 3:29

Hebrews 9:16~17

Mount Sinai represents the law. If any soul touches it, it will die. God the father, condemned sin in His son so that we will never suffer sin again. Mount zion the place of redemption in Christ Jesus by faith. Standing firm as the righteousness of God by Christ Jesus.

Hesitancy is not by what you do but what you believe.
I am under grace!!!!

Obadiah 1:17. We must learn how to possess our possessions.
Romans 4: 13. Righteousness by faith not by deeds or work. A promise is not worked for. Its a free gift.
Verse 15.. when Christ died on the tree he nailed sin; the law and condemnation.
Believing is always passive..anything that places demand on you is law. Anything that supplies all you need freely is grace.
Being under grace is linked with the death of Jesus. The devil wants to attack the promise and grace in the church by making people believe in the law.

Gal 3:29, primarily Jesus is Abraham seed. That explains further in verse 13 of Roman 4. Not by merit or works of merit…
Hebrews 1:14… grace is always about inheritance. Being rooted in Christ is a gift from God. You can’t fight the flesh yourself but by grace through the Holy Ghost.

Heb 9:16~17. The divine blessing of the inheritance will manifest upon my life only if i believe. All the manifestation of progressive blessing of Abraham.

How do we inherent effortlessly

Romans 4:13 Lazarus..the stone was rolled away..doors that man has shut must open up for me. I have the keys of the kingdom.
1) We inherent effortlessly. We don’t do reward .. we do promise. We’re not meant to sweat and get bread. Everything we need should identify us and locate us. when you’re an heir you are nolonger in Adam curse We’re under grace as son in Christ.


Roman 4:13. Christ died and gave us the free gift of righteousness by faith. Accept  it or leave it. Your righteousness is not a result of your work but a gift from God. The same way Christ offered himself even before you existed.

When you are operating under your deserved, your not operating under grace. Everything i am today has nothing to do with me. I am a free gift of grace. As He is so am I in this world. Obedience is not your route is your fruit. Your route is faith.

Romans 4:1~2. You cannot boast infront of God, but you can boost infront of men. Abraham was not justified by good works, morality nor charity or law keeping, he became righteous by faith.
Romans Chapter 4 Verse 3
Know what word of God in the scriptures is saying… Abraham also heard and believed God’s word Gen 22:6 ~7, Gen 15. Gala 3:8
If God ever take away what you have its for multiplication.

Verse 8 God will provide “Himself ” The lamb for the sacrifice. Not my for himself…
Ismel was Abram son. Isaac was Abraham seed who has heard and received the word of God.
Mark 15:14, related to Christ. Jesus didn’t complain just like issac didn’t complain
Verse 9~13, the death of Christ slain from the foundation of the world..behind Abraham is very important.. Sonship has nothing to do with gender but inheritance.
John 12:32. Romans 5:1.
Christ could sin by nature or through temptation.   But he couldn’t sin because he was God himself.
Anybody who mixes grace and law is practicing a false doctrine.
I’m not the same with a person who doesn’t have Christ. Sickness is a punishment for sin under law. But now there is no condemnation for me who is in Christ Jesus. Christ is Abraham son spiritually and Abraham son biologically. Gen 22.

The walls of Jericho was conquered by faith.
Obidah 1:17
The difference between inheritance and fighting is inheritance is based on sonship who are heirs of the promise. When Christ died on the cross he made us move into position of maturity. Gala 4 vs 4~5 Redeem us meaning buying us back.
As inheritance as sonship we need health and wealth . By the righteousness of God by faith i am healed. Make sure you’re righteousness conscious. Matthew 6:33 His righteousness not our righteousness.. all these things shall be added unto us not that we will fight for it. Moses righteousness was work.. Christ righteousness is a free gift.

What is this inheritance

Romans 4:13. Our inheritance is to become Heir to the world 🌎. We the grace through faith to take our business to the world.

Prayers For Today
Psalm 8
Psalm 19

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