How To Have Peace From God

How To Have Peace From God

One of the greatest thing you can obtain in life is peace. Wealth, fame and every pleasure of life is good but when you lack inner peace, these things will not matter. Most times, people think they can’t obtain peace or forgiveness from God.

God is LOVE. And is arms are always wide open to accept anyone who will forsake his sin and come to him.

Bible Reading

Romans 5:1~3
Peace from God, peace in God and Peace with God. (John 1:1) Being intimate with God in one body. You’re justified by faith and you have peace with God… you get favor by faith.

God soughted out our issues and settled all our matter and past even before we’re born. Romans chapter 5 verse 1 was our past. Romans 5:2  Is dealing with our present. Grace is unmerited favor. All guilt and sins are eradicated. Now we are justified by faith. “Have” “Stand” this two words are perfect tense which means permanent.

I am permanently favored by God. I am blessed and highly favored. And favor is taking me somewhere. There nothing that the devil can do about it. There’s nothing I can do about it. There’s nothing hell can do about it.

One thing the enemy fights against is not you. But to deprive you from the understanding of God’s word in your life.

Righteousness comes with peace.  And when you have peace it annoys your enemies and keep them away. Remember your righteousness is a gift from God. Fear and weakness draws the devil very close to you.

Our position through Christ which is favor stands sure forever. Its our privilege and status. I’m favored to have babies. I’m favored to go to another level. Favor doesn’t  run out. Its contagious, highly infectous. its unending, its forever. When gou see favor on people cherish them. Favour is God’s choice. And I’m God’s choice never lose it from your consciousness.

Even when you’re in the pit. Still scream loud you have favor. Where my stupidity puts me into Favor can redeem me before God. Favor can pickup absolutely nobody and make him a great pillar. E.g Joseph. Gen 39:2~4
Sometimes the feelings of being forgotten is inline with favor. Favor works with timing for divine purpose. Romans 8:28. Joseph didn’t go to school. It wasn’t connection. But the Favour of God through the peace he have in God.

How to have peace

1. Ask God. He says ask and you will recieve

2. When you ask, believe you have recieved.

3. Don’t live in your past but in the word and Promises of God.



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