Understanding The Wonders Of Thanksgiving

Understanding the wonders of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving preserves, and multiply our blessings.
Through Thanksgiving, we open doors to breakthrough unlimited.

Bible Reading

Psalm 23 vs 3. Thanksgiving progress to praise and praise commands God’s presence and His presence brings supernatural turnaround.

Psalm 24 vs 7~10. In the kingdom of God Thanksgiving doesn’t only stop in appreciation.. Thanksgiving goes beyond showing gratitude its a tool to engage God the more. Thanksgiving pulls the hand of God in our direction.

Acts 16:25. Its our understanding that determines what we do. Its a tool to bring down the presence of God in our situation.


Each time we thank God we’re dailing the number of heaven directly. Paul and silas understand that Thanksgiving is a tool which is a means to end taking us from point A to B. Its the celebration of the Act of God in our lives.

Psalm 92 vs 1~2. God is doing far more than the thanks we’re giving him.  To everything give God thanks. To every level we are in life, its the grace of God. Thanksgiving is celebrating the Act of God in our lives on a regular basis at all times not sometimes.

Romans 9:16.  Glory to God for where we are.  Its not of him who wills or of him that runs but of God that shows mercy. Refusing to take credit for anything. Any grace that you can enjoy belongs to God psalm 89:1~2.

David understood praise.
Psalm 89:20~22  Thanking God for His anointing upon our lives. Anointing makes us lubricant and function and remain coordinated.  Anointing makes us to take noiseless motion and process that leads to loud results.

Psalm 91:10~12. Thanksgiving is a tool that will take you from where you are to where you are going to. Just like a phone.
If you’re not thanking God you’re ungrateful.  Every day of our life is a miracle. When you thank God, make it a lifestyle. He brings His presence in your life.

Psalm 100. When God becomes present everything becomes easy. David praise his way to the top. As human we must not be independent on ourselves but being wholly dependent on God. Proclaiming  Praise as a lifestyle at all times.

Thanksgiving leads to breakthrough.  Make it a habit psalm 67:5~7 to always give thanks to God.
Thanksgiving multiply the blessings of God upon our lives.  JOHN 6: 6~11.
Human being does not like simplicity we like complexity. The ways of God are too simple that sometimes we miss it. Think about the walls of Jericho. God didn’t use biological missile, the Israelite only dance round and sing.

Paul and silas.

Daniel in the lion den.


Jesus turning water into wine.

God is a God of simplicity stop looking for complexity.

Please believe and receive the simplicity of the gospel. God doesn’t depend on where you are now!!! God said it, believe it and that settles it.
Abraham believed God in faith. Just believe God. Please God and forget the noises voice of man. What you can’t get today..you can get it tomorrow. If you don’t have it now will heaven fall? Until you see it in mind it will never get to your hands. There is a way to everything under heaven.  Those that trust in themselves will certainly fail. With God all things are possible.
Its better to try and fail than not trying at all. Don’t stop or settle for mediocrity. Keep striving and trying. All things are possible.

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