Insomnia: Reasons You Can’t Sleep At Night And It’s Solution 

Insomnia: Reasons You Can’t Sleep At Night And It’s Solution

Taking a cup of coffee late in the evening or a midday nap can leave you lying awake in the night. Sometimes you could have a sleepless night for some other reasons unknown to you which can be very annoying.

If you constantly have sleepless nights and cannot figure out the problem.

This article will help you do the assignment as I have concisely spoke about the most common things capable of causing sleepless nights below:

7 Reasons You Can Not Sleep

1. Vitamin D Deficiency

It is an undisputable fact that vitamins are very essential for a healthy body growth. Lack of vitamin D can keep you awake all night long- inefficient amount of vitamin D in the body causes cancer, weak bones, cardiovascular disease and poor sleep.

2. Age

Hans Van Dongen, PhD, Director of Sleep and Performance Research Centre at Washington State University stated that “your body will naturally wake up increasingly earlier, decreasing the amount of sleep you’re getting”. It is proven that as one advances in age (let’s say 60), the time they can naturally spend sleeping reduces by 2hours and to accommodate this new change, its recommended they go to bed earlier than usual. Van Dongen said “you’re probably naturally getting tired earlier, but it is easy to ignore or not notice the sleepiness if you’re used to staying up late”.

3. Drinking

Alexea Gaffney Adams, MD, a Board-Certified Internist at Stony Brook Medicine suggest people stop drinking at least 3 hours before going to bed while they drink enough water as this will give their body much time to process the alcohol. It is believed by many that alcohol facilitates sleep, it could be true depending on your body system, but it’s not disputable that alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep.
Have you bothered asking yourself why you feel headache and sleepy in the morning after forcing yourself to sleep with the help of an alcohol? That is because you din’t get the required quality of sleep you deserve.

4. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is simply a brief interruption of breathing during sleep. Drowsiness during the day, snoring, morning headache, gasping for air while sleeping are all symptoms of sleep apnea which makes people wake up severally before day break- I recommend you see a doctor.

5. Warm Temperature

Sleeping at night during summer period is always a bit difficult mostly for those who do not have an air conditioner in the houses and maybe those who experiences constant power failure. It’s unavoidable to sweat under warm temperature and this will definitely make you uncomfortable and sleepless because you will be drenched in your own sweat. Remedy; always bath before going to bed and ensure your room is well ventilated.


6. Always Operating Your Cell Phone

Richard L. Hanler, PhD, the Light Innovations Institute at John Carroll University made it clear that “exposing eyes to light during the evening stops the body from making melatonin, the sleep hormone”. Some of us are so addicted to our cell phones that we can’t go 5minutes without operating them. This can cause migraine and gradually damage the eyes.

7. Anxiety

This distorts your sleep by causing racing heartbeat or night terrors as a result of panic and tension. Anxiety disorder need proper medical care.

A doctor’s attention is needed. Exercises like deep breathing, meditating ang yoga will help.

Lack of money can cause anxiety too.

Updated: August 18, 2021 — 7:15 am

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