One Secret That Will Stop Your Spouse From Cheating

One Secret That Will Stop Your Spouse From Cheating

One Secret That Will Stop Your Spouse From Cheating Do you know that without side chicks, many marriages would have been broken. Somany married women, when they discover their husband have a concubine, they attack their husband concubines.
The problem is not the side chick. Your husband concubine is like a branch to a tree. You should focus on the root not the branch of the problem.
These days, side chicks are so bold because you have given them the power without your knowledge.


Let me tell you something.
Men are visual beings. A man can be sleeping with more than 20 girls and end up marrying a virgin. This shows you that sex is physical to most men, it’s not emotional. A man can have sex with a lady he doesn’t love. To lots of men, sex is just distraction.

When it comes to a relationship, communication and interaction bonds two people together more than sex.
The reason some marriages is not working is because you have stopped communicating with your spouse. To alot of men, sex is just like an alcohol or tension that must be released.
Most times, men like what ever they see with their eyes before they fall in love. Don’t be scared with that woman your husband is sleeping with but be scared with that woman he is always talking to.

Is that communication and conversation that creates bonding. Not only in relationship, it’s everywhere. The more he communicates with her, the more the bond gets strong. Don’t forget Delilah and Sampson in the bible.

Don’t let that quarrel linger, never ignore your partner in a relationship. Communication and understanding is far stronger than sex. And if you can’t communicate in your marriage, someone else will do it for you.
There’s a difference between your husband is cheating and he is gone.

Don’t forget, he spend little time with his side chick and spend more time with you. During that time you spend together, what do you do? Do you keep malice or are you nagging?

There are two things in a relationship: either tolerate or let go. It’s the tolerance that gave birth to forgiveness. If you cannot tolerate, you can’t keep any relationship. Because there is nothing like perfect relationship.

The question is, after chasing the first side chick, did your marriage change? No

Communicate with your spouse. Know if the problem is from you or from your partner and make things right. That shows maturity and also, you cherish your relationship.

This message is for both the man and his wife. I’m not justifying any gender here.


Updated: March 13, 2021 — 2:46 pm

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