Home: 7 Personal Things You shouldn’t Keep in the Bathroom

Home: 7 Personal Things You shouldn’t Keep in the Bathroom

Wall colors, bath mats, bathtub size, waste baskets are some of the things that make bathrooms differ from one another. Being wet and humid are the two most common things in the bathroom which makes the bathroom a comfortable place for bacteria and germs. I will go further to list some personal things that are not advisable to be kept in the bathroom.

7 Things To Remove From Your Bathroom

1. Jewelry

Metals are best stored in a dried container because they rust once they come in contact with water, so I advise you do not keep any of your jewelries in the bathroom to avoid water from getting them rusted

2. Makeup

No doubt, storing your makeup in the bathroom makes it easy and very convenient to apply in the morning. But considering how fast these makeup kits can get contaminated by the germs and bacteria in the bathroom space, it advisable you do not store them in the bathroom.

3. Oral Medications

Storing oral contraceptives in the bathroom may reduce their effectiveness. Do not store oral medications in the bathroom.

4. Condoms

Condoms are not recommended to be stored in a warm and moisture environment like your bathroom for more than a month because it reduces its quality. Not just in the bathroom, but in any warm environment.

5. Fragrances

Allure.com the beauty experts advises that perfumes and body sprays be stored in the dresser drawer or any other cool dry place because perfumes and sprays are mostly inflammable and may lose its grade if stored under a hot temperature.

6. Razor Blades

Blades get rust as well when in contact with water. The shaving experts at Schick.com explained that “the moisture and humidity in your bathroom can degrade, oxidize and cause new metal blades to rust even before you clip them onto your razor head”. So, keeping extra razor in your bathroom can be very convenient, but not necessarily advisable.

7. Toothbrush

Due to the wet and humid nature of a bathroom which makes it a comfortable place for germs and bacteria, keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom increases the chances of them getting contaminated with fecal matter, bacteria and potential viruses and parasites within the bathroom.

Updated: August 18, 2021 — 7:27 am

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