Hospital Romance Episode 3

Hospital Romance Episode 3

Cold and crazy meets again 🔞🔞

Romance Story

After Clara and Anna sent Diego to his nursery school, they rushed to the hospital because they were already late.

It was a big hospital. No wonder they needed more nurses.

The two young ladies bumped into an older woman when they got to the hospital.

Anna and Clara: I am sorry

The woman was staring at Anna’s ID which was pinned on her uniform with her mouth opened.

Please where is the head doctor’s office? we are the newly transfered nurses” Anna interrupted.

Theresa: “Your names?” She asked

Clara: I’m Carla Winter and she is Anna Hudgens.

Theresa: I’m Theresa Monroe , the head of the delivery department”she said and we shook hands with her.

Anna: We are sorry for being late. Something came up

Theresa: The head doctor’s office is that way. she pointed and we nodded and left.


Blake and Nala was busy with some works when Theresa barged in.

Blake: Theresa are you okay? she smiled and nodded.

Anna Hudgens is here. Said Theresa. Immediately, Nala almost fainted.

she is the new nurse. She is with a girl called Carli ” Theresa said.

Nala: Carla?, Theresa you are hallicunating

“No!  Nala screamed and left the office immediately.

Anna and Clara got to the office and knocked.
“Come in”a male voice said.

This voice looks familiar Anna said.

Carla and Anna entered, the office chair turned and Anna came face to face with her worst nightmare.

Carla stood there shocked and Anna couldn’t move.


Noah looked at them as if he saw a monster.

Immediately, Anna blood stops flowing in her system. I thought I had a panick attack.

Clara: Anna ,breathe come on” Carla kept on saying.  Calm down girl.

Noah: I’m Noah Stewart, and head doctor of San Francisco Regional Hospital. You are welcome to my hospital.

(Noah felt angry and faustrated on seeing Anna but calmly introduced himself as the boss.)

Clara: We are the transfered nurses doctor Stewart.

Just then Nala entered.
We all glanced at her and she smiled.

She went to Noah and kissed his lips lightly. Baby, I came to talk to you about something.

“Hello Anna, hi Carla” Nala said.

Clara: So doctor Noah, are we going to stand here and watch you and your Nurse make out or will you tell us our duties?

“I’m sorry , I have gone through your files. Meet Nurse Theresa, she will tell you what to do.

“Thanks” the nurse replied.

Doctor Noah: Nala take them to Theresa.

Clara: No need , we already met her , thanks. She said looking at Nala pathetically.

“Let’s go Anna” Carla said but Anna stopped her.

Anna: I am sorry , I can’t accept this transfer. Anna said for the first time.

(Immediately, Noah shuddered.
God! , even her voice has an effect on me.) “Pardon?” I said wanting her to repeat her self.

“I will not accept this transfer”she said and took a sharp breath.

” I can’t ………

To be continued

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