Hospital Romance Episode 2

Hospital Romance Episode 2

Cold and crazy meets again

Romance Story
Episode 2

Nala got home feeling bored and angry. Noah is such a jerk , I hate him. She lamented

I have tried seducing him for many years now.

Why doesn’t he want me , I need him for myself.
He is rich , handsome and the head doctor of the biggest hospital in San Francisco. He is my type.

I can’t let anyone take him.
He is mine and forever be mine.

We were all friends before Noah and that Anna girl started dating.

(As she was deeply in thought, her parents walked in.)

Hey dear , come watch the movie with us her dad said.
Baby , how was work ?” Mom asked

” Boring as ever” she said and went to her room.

Those nurses coming on Monday , I always have a bad feeling when I think about it . Nala said to herself


How do I make Noah Stewart mine? As she was thinking, she finally had a plan.
With this plan, I know Noah will never reject me. She thought.


Carla, Anna and Diego arrived San Francisco on Sunday evening.

They went to the apartment that they booked online

While we were unpacking I noticed 3 year old Diego sketching a man in his book. Anna smiled.

Carla: “Diego who is that” Carla asked

Diego: My papa. Carla and Anna gasped.

Where does he even know his father .
I am his parents , his mom and dad at the same time.

(Diego is Anna little child)

Carla: Diego , go to your room , it is late and you are tired.
Tomorrow we will go for ice creams and toys shopping. Carla told Diego .

Diego: Ok aunty Carla , good night mom , goodnight aunt Carla ” he said and I pecked his forehead and he left.

Carla: I know you Anna , he made you remember him

” Carla am hungry okay

The two ladies arranged everything, swept the room and mopped the house.

They were so tired that they forgot to take a shower before sleeping.

Carla and Anna share a room with two different beds whiles Diego has his own room.

” Anna?” Carla called me when I lied on my bed.

” Yes” I said and turned to face her.

” Has Diego eaten?” She asked and I nodded.

You need a brain surgery, you have forgotten you fed him sushi when we got here

They both laughed and slept.


The next day, Theresa left Noah’s office after having breakfast with him.

(Noah comes early to the hospital every day. Most times, he eats breakfast with Theresa.)

As Theresa was going to her office, she bumped into two nurses.

“I am sorry ” they both said at the same time.

She looked up and was surprised

Goodness! Karma is a real bitch.


To be continued

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