Antibacterial: Effect and Danger Of Cleanser and Antibacterial Soap 

Antibacterial: Effect and Danger Of Cleanser and Antibacterial Soap

Nowadays, we have uncountable manufacturers with their different brands of antibacterial and cleansers. No manufacturer has been able to prove the supreme effectiveness of these antibacterial and cleansers over regular soap and water.

 Possible Hormone Imbalance

According to researchers who carried out a test with an animal; women and children are most at risk for potential hormone imbalances from antibacterial products.

This is because, the presence of triclosan is in the antibacterial products.  Triclosan produce releases hormones into the bloodstream.

 Destruction Of Healthy Bacteria 

There are some bacteria that are not harmful to the body, rather they help build natural resistance and prevent other bacteria from spreading, but most of the bacterial products we have today equally kill these helpful bacteria in the body which makes it neither totally good nor recommendable for use.

 Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria on the Rise

Because these antibacterial products eliminates both good and bad germs, our body fails to build resistance for new germs- that means, antibacterial products exposes the body to new bacteria that are resistant to some specific medications.

They’re No Safer Than Soap and Water

As I stated earlier; no manufacturer has been able to prove the supreme effectiveness of antibacterial products over the regular soap and water. So, my advice is this- ignore their almighty antibacterial products and go for your regular soap which is even safer and cost effective.

Linked to Increased Allergies

Triclosan in the antibacterial products are believed to be responsible for building allergies mostly in children. The thing is, if antibacterial products must be used it should not be often in other to reduce the risk of building allergies because these products most times work the opposite when used constantly.

They Don’t Prevent Illness

Some antibacterial product advertisers emphasize on how their products can prevent you from getting sick, but they seem to forget that antibiotics are not the cure for many flu. They equally tend to forget that these products kill the helpful germs in the body which increases the chances of even getting sick because there are no bacteria to form natural resistance anymore.

Updated: August 18, 2021 — 7:47 am

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