Adekunle Gold True Life Story – Nigerian Popular Musician

Adekunle Gold True Life Story – Nigerian Popular Musician

Adekunle Gold True Life Story - Nigerian Popular Musician

Sickle cell anemia is one of my most terrible experiences from a young age. It was painful and devastating, therefore, I begged God to take my life at my 20s – Adkunle

Known popular Nigerian Musician, Adekunle Gold, has opened to the public that he begged God to take his life due to his severe illness years ago.

Who is Adekunle Gold?

The song writer is a ‘One Woman’ singer. In a letter to his fans, on Friday, July 15, Gold mentioned about his childhood battle with sickle cell anaemia and his will to overcome it.

This is the write up below:

“I was born with sickle cell disease. It was life and death. A physical, mental, financial challenges and, I went through all of it.

“It was tough, painful and frustrating for me. The pains and shivers were unbearable. They (crisis) always came in the night, when my family had no means to transport me to a hospital.”

At that point in life, his family couldn’t afford hospital bills and medical treatment. He had no other option but to endure it every night.

“The most intense crisis I had was at the age of 20, I remember laying in my bed in the middle of the night asking for an end to it all. I begged God to take my life because I could not understand what I did to deserve the pain my body and mind was under.

Sickle cell disease is mostly found in West Africa and this is because, parents do not plan ahead for their kids. Love is important but before marriage or procreation, you must know each other genotype, blood group, etcetera.

Most children die from this disease. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Check your status before embarking on a journey of no return.

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Updated: July 25, 2022 — 3:33 am

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