9 Simple Signs The Bit*h Isn’t Interested In You

9 Simple Signs The Bit*h Isn’t Interested In You

All girls don’t behave the same way but majority of them are the same. These are common things that shows she is not interested in you.

1. She’s Not Interested In Learning About You

If you are not the guy she wants, there is no way she will make effort to know more about you. But, when a woman is interested in you, learning about you becomes a priority to her.

2. She Avoids You

When a girl avoids you like a plague, it’s an obvious sign that she has no interest in you at all and making any further moves can land you in heavy insults and embarrassment.

3. She Doesn’t Call Or Text You

Like I said in the previous article, if a girl enjoys talking to you over the phone, it’s a clear indication that she is interested in you, but whereby she’s not into you, she calling you will seem like an abomination and even when you call, she will try to keep the conversation brief.

4. She Stares At Other Guys And Doesn’t Care

It’s obvious that when a lady has interest in you, all her attention will be focused on you alone. But, when you both are together and she seem to be more interested in the conversations of other guys around thereby, giving you little or no attention at all, it means she has no interest in you and moving on at this stage will save you a lot of embarrassments and time.

5. She Makes It Clear She’ Taken

If she has no feelings for you, she will always tell you that she is happily in a relationship or that she is not interested in any form of relationship and she will give you multiple reasons why she can’t reconsider. There is always someone out there waiting and hoping you will one day talk to them. So, there is no need trying to persuade someone who feels nothing for you.

6. She Keeps Her Distance

A girl who has no interest in you will do anything within her powers to avoid spending time with you maybe because staying around someone you do not love may seem so tiring and boring. They will prefer to spend their precious time sleeping, reading a story book or watching movies.

7. She Gets Annoyed With You

She will get pissed at almost everything you say, your jokes will irritate her, she will look restless around you and can’t wait to take her leave. When you notice some or all of this, stop trying and save yourself some time.

8. She Doesn’t Touch You

In the previous article, I made it clear that when a girl is interested in you, she takes advantage of every opportunity to get physical with you either by getting close to you, pushing you, rubbing you, gently slapping any part of your body or by simply touching you. But, when she has no interest in you, she will avoid anything that will make you both get physical and when you try to push it, she may feel harassed.

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9. She’s Detached And Emotionless

If she’s disengaged in your conversation and everything that has to do with you, just be rest assured that she has no interest in you or her interest is very minimal and if you really want to gain it fully, you have to invest a lot of energy, patience and endurance which may or may not yield any positive outcome in the end.

10. She Doesn’t Invite You Anywhere

A woman who loves you will like to show the world that you are her man, but if the feeling is opposite she will avoid giving you and people around the wrong impression by staying away from you, avoid attending any function with you and will never invite you to anywhere. In my opinion, when you love a woman try as much as you can to win her heart because women can be very difficult at first and sweet in the long run. While you run after winning her interest, just be sure you don’t lose your self-respect. If after making several efforts and she still does not show any interest, I will advise you let her be, keeping to heart that there is a woman for every man, so she’s probably not your
own woman.

Updated: August 11, 2021 — 8:26 am

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