11 Easy Ways To Know She Wants You (No. 11 Is Important)- Jonahud.com

11 Easy Ways To Know She Wants You (No. 11 Is Important)- Jonahud.com 

Trying to figure out how a girl truly feels about you is sometimes tiring and difficult plus the information we often see online in this regards. Ladies as well can sometimes be confused about what exactly they feel for a guy.

Below are some proven signs that show she’s interested:

P.S Girls are not robot, they have feelings and acts differently but this is how most girl acts if they interested in you.

1. She asks personal and ‘Get to Know You’ Questions

When a lady is interested, she tends to ask more personal questions about you because she wants to know you more and figure out if you are the type of man she wants to be with. When she isn’t interested in you, she will consider asking personal questions about you a waste of time and energy.

2. She doesn’t keep her distance

A woman who is into you doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space. She always wants to be found beside you. Why not enjoy her company if she’s the kind of woman you want?

3. She touches you

When you touch a woman who isn’t into you, her reaction tends to be quite embarrassing. On the other hand, when a lady is interested in you she takes advantage of every opportunity to get physical with you either by getting close to you, pushing you, rubbing you, gently slapping any part of your body or by simply touching you.

4. She enjoys talking to you

Some ladies are just nice and polite people and therefore, feel very free with people- this should not be taken the opposite way because they could spend huge amount of time with you and still take you to be just a friend.

Another class of women on the other hand are not the talking type, but they do so with you because they are clearly interested in you. The most obvious way to determine if she’s interested in you is when she forfeits every other relevant things she needs to do just to have you both spend time together.

5. She calls or texts you first

If a woman doesn’t have interest in you, she will do everything possible not to give you the wrong impression and therefore, will find it very difficult to call you or even return your calls. But, in a situation where she spends her money calling you and she feels excited talking to you over the phone, it is clear that she has interest in you and I will advise you shoot your shot on time.

6. She makes a lot of eye contact

When a woman is interested in you, she unconsciously look into your eyes very often and sometimes they as well do it consciously just to figure out if they actually have your attention.

You hardly get an eye contact from a woman who feels nothing for you. But, in some cases, a woman who is interested in you will be very shy to look at you in the eye.

7. She compliments and teases you

It is natural to spend time with people we are attracted to. A woman who has interest in you doesn’t just spend time with you, but they as well compliment your every outfit, your haircut and maybe any part of your body they consider attractive.

They go further to tease you, make jokes and poking you. Their feelings for you are obvious, at this stage you have to shoot your shot(go for her).

8. She stares at you

Women unconsciously stare at a man they are attracted to. While they are staring at you, their minds are filled with imaginations and fantasies of maybe how they will have you all themselves someday and do a lot of crazy things together. If she’s not attracted to you, she won’t spend her precious time staring at you.

9. She often states she is single

A woman who is interested in you will make you understand she is available by always stating that she is not in any romantic relationship. It’s a form of invitation in my opinion and I advise you declare your owns true intentions towards her.

10. She’s Extra Nice to you

Treating you as good as she treats everyone else is not an enough reason to feel she has interest in you, but when she goes out of her ways to ensure you are happy and comfortable, when she sometimes displeases herself just to make you smile and hardly say no to your requests is a huge sign that she has a very high interest in you.

11. Jealousy

She gets jealous each time she sees another woman around you even before she figures out who the lady is to you. A woman who loves you will like to be the only woman seen around you, will not be cool having you talk and relate with other ladies freely because she feel every other woman sees the same thing they have seen in you.


In my opinion, when you notice all or some of these signs in a woman and you are sure that your own feelings doesn’t contradict hers, the best thing to do at this stage is to take the bold step.

Whereby you don’t feel same about her, I will advise you do not waste her time by giving her high hopes, but be polite when trying to let her know your stands.



Updated: August 11, 2021 — 7:35 am

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