3 Simple Steps To Manage Multiple Partners

3 Simple Steps To Manage Multiple Partners

There are distinct and complex factors one must learn to manage in a relationship. At once these factors are almost impossible to ascertain.

Since relationship is essential, we need to deal with both our partner’s needs and our own as well.  Though, this can be very challenging. Even more complex when it comes to open relationships because you can sleep with people other than your primary partner.

Types of partner in open relationship

In open relationship, we have two types of relationship:

(a) primary partners

(b) secondary partners.

Primary partner is someone you are emotionally and romantically attached to.  They are of high priority to you. These are called the “main chics”

Secondary partner on the other hand is someone who exists outside of your main relationship.

In this type of relationship, there is often no emotional connection here and priority is relatively low compared to the primary relationship.

You are allowed to have sex with your secondary partner, but there are no strings attached. Although men practice open relationship more, women can practice this type of relationship too.

To ensure a positive experience and fulfillment in your open relationships, below are steps you must do to achieve success in open relationships

3 Step to manage multiple partner

Below are three steps to manage multiple partner


There is every tendency of developing feelings for your secondary partner. If you allow these feelings to manifest into reality, it will be tagged infidelity.

Is very important to do these if you start developing feelings for your secondary partner, do this.

If you cannot control the feeling, the right thing to do is to end that relationship. Talk to a friend. Or meet a therapist. If you are not careful, it will affect your main relationship.


People in open relationships must control the total number of partners they keep. Multiple partners will not only distract you but you can manage them all.

For instance, someone who have more than five partners. Such person won’t have enough time, attention or resources for all of them.

Open relationship is great. Having many partners is awesome but when it’s many it becomes a problem.


Remember it’s an open relationship.

This is something you agreed between your partner and you. Therefore, is very important for both partners to know their boundaries and rules guarding the relationship.

Mostly when you are in an open relationship, these are rules you must keep:

Some of these rules includes:

A. Not having sex with someone your partner does not know.

B. Communicating everything to your primary partner.

C. Practicing safe sex, use of condoms and regular body check up. This reduces the chances of contracting STD as a result of having sex with multiple persons.

These rules will vary from person to person depending on what the partners wants and are comfortable with.

Open and honest communication is paramount. Being able to manage your relationship can be very fulfilling, meaningful and fun for all the partners.

Updated: July 2, 2021 — 5:08 pm

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