Two things You Didn’t Know About Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Two things You Didn’t Know About Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Two things You Didn't Know About Archbishop Benson Idahosa


November, 1968.

A car hit me on the street in Benin on top of my motorcycle. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself at the other side of the road.

They carried me to the hospital and the doctor look at me and said to me, “are you not BENSON IDAHOSA?”

“yes”. I replied

He said “what are you doing here?”

“I came to see you”

“Do you know your bones are broken in 10 places?” he asked

Benson: “No, His bone was not broken”

Doctor: Am talking to you not he.. Benson Idahosa  replied “yes, that’s what am telling you…

My Bible tells me that “His bone was not broken”

Doctor: “you are going to be in this hospital for atleast 4months”

Benson:  “I am leaving tomorrow”

Doctor: How are you going to do it?

You are already here!

Benson: “that’s why I’m here, you touch it, God touch it, I get up”

…They took me to the ward, put a big cast and people were rushing to the hospital to see, whether the miracle worker was really laying down.

And the doctor informed everyone the day I will be discharged.

Suddenly, on the bed, in less than 30minutes after they finished the cast, Benson heard God’s voice. “You are healed”.

Benson got up, and they ask, “where are you going?”

“Show me where the bathroom is” Benson said.

I got there, took the hospital dress away and put on my clothes. Called a taxi, and he entered.

People who heard the man of God was in the hospital laying down, met an empty bed.

When archbishop got home, the pain was still there but he heard again, “you are heal”

When it was 5 0’clock, service time, he carried his Bible and began to preach in church.

People who left the church to come and see archbishop in the hospital because they heard he was in the hospital laying down, were told he is preaching in the church.

Your bones were broken??

Many of them did not believe that the bishop had an accident.

30years later am still standing.

What is the truth, did you have broken bones or not?

I said, “I had but I don’t have now”
Was the doctor correct that your bones were broken?

I said, “yes”

Did you believe it?

I said, “yes” but what did God say, “you are heal”

It is not a lie when you are well, and you say you are well.

It is not also a lie when you are sick, and you say I’m healed…

For by his stripes we are healed!”

This was who Benson Idahosa was, a of faith..

Except God did not say it…

He believed it, so long as God said it.

The man of God, faced alot of critics from other Christian’s when he started preaching the gospel of finance and wealth. When he bought his first motorcycle and somany things.

When he was building Benson Idahosa University and ran out of building materials, he prayed and there were abundance of building materials from no where.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa was born 11th September 1938, Binin City, Edo, Nigeria. Died 12th march 1998, Benin city, Nigeria.


Survived by his wife: Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa  with a son a d 3 daughter.


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